Yard was cancelled due to fog line. I slept, ate and read. I went to library and talked to L briefly. He was expecting me. He looked energized. It’s good to see him.

I received a letter from W. He said he’ll arrange a date to see me. Hopefully he’ll have a draft of the writ on my parole issue. I don’t like his delays, but he’s doing it pro per. I can’t complain for now. If I don’t like what he’s doing, I’ll fire him. I received the stamped copy of the writ on 115 from Court of Appeal. Hopefully I’ll get an order to show cause. I’m counting to win that issue if nothing else.

I finally received my lesson back from Ohio. It took a while for the professor to grade it. I got a B+. I need to get busy with the other lessons.

I wrote a letter to Say and S. I wrote to the lawyer. He’ll be glad to hear from me. I got plenty of magazines to read. I couldn’t get on the phone today because E didn’t have time. I don’t like these people’s attitude. They have no respect for prisoners. They will their punishments.

I got my canteen. I didn’t get any chips. I shouldn’t need to go to the next draw since I got enough food.

T was found guilty on his 115. He got railroaded. He’s made and frustrated, but he doesn’t know how to fight them legally. I’ll try to help him. The Officials are covering their own kind. They’ll violate any rules. Suck is the system. I told Sgt. S and C/O N about it. I talked to C for a while. Hopefully things will work out for me.

May God bless my family and friends and me. G came by to say hi. He gave me a pamphlet on different prayers. God bless me.

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