It was a day of rest. I’d planned to write my article, but I was only able to do some brainstorm. I didn’t feel confident on how to write it. I just have to do it. I decided to write letters to let people know about my hearing. I wrote to S, B, C, G, and C I had to repeat myself many times. I still have more to write.

I received a letter from K. She sent me the program for the wedding mass. I recognized a couple of songwriters. She expressed her thoughts on the ugly side effects created by US tourism. She’s being critical. I wrote her back and told her what happened with my struggles.

I got the stamped copy of my latest writ. I was right about the delay. The mailroom didn’t think it was legal mail at a glance. I feel good about myself.

I haven’t look at my Statistic since I sent my first assignment out. I’ll need an extension for sure.

May I be able to complete my article by Sunday. May the Gods keep smiling and blessing me and my loved ones.

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