New Year’s eve. Everything seems to be overrated when it doesn’t apply to me. My reality is that I’m locked up in prison, in the hole and don’t know when I’m going to go home. There is a first time for everything. This is my first time spending New Year in the hole. The other times, at least the past 17 years, I had spent in prison. Time went by fast all year and all day.

I finished reading, “One Man’s Bible.” Yard was cancelled due to rescheduled for committee.

I received the denial of my first habeas on transfer. It’s a big blow for us. I was called for library. I saw Stephen briefly, I told him about my writ. He said we’ll go to the court of appeal. I shared with the lawyer how I felt. He filed the 115 appeal writ for me. I know he didn’t like hearing the writ being denied. I had good talk with Mr. J about Beijing. It’s good to be out for some fresh air.

I want to write some reflection, but I decided not to. It’s not important to me as the years go by. I saw Mek and thanked him for looking out.

The day went by fast. I got my old money canteen. I have enough food. I want to embrace the New Year with open mind and heart. The year will bring me my freedom! May I be free.

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