I felt sleepy after I got up for breakfast. I don’t know why I felt so tired. After shower, I ate breakfast and went to sleep. That was the morning.

I ate lunch and read the XXL mag. G dropped by briefly. He said the Governor approved a 71 year lifer’s release.

C/O B started a conversation with me during dinner time. He was wondering how I have people all over the world writing to me. He read articles about me. He said that my sentence was too harsh. I know he’s surprised that I have so many friends and felt jealous.

I received letters and cards from friends and family. I got a card from B, Mom with 3 pictures, K and 2 pictures, S, P and G. I love receiving mail.

I wrote to Mom and told her about A’s request for interview. I wrote to B, K and P. S told me about her love life. I have to think to answer her.

The day went by way too fast. I’m almost over with my cold. I need to write and study. May the Gods keep smiling at me and my family.

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