My neighbors are flooding their cells. T and other were taunting JH who would respond by saying, “shut up you nigger bitch, lay your pussy down.” Those people have no respect for themselves.

I’m staying up later than usual to read. The building has been quiet at night lately. I slept in the morning until the search team came in to search the building. I have too much stuff for them to look through so they left after taking some paper bags. We’re still on lockdown.

I read Harper’s mag. I started reading a courtroom drama book. I wrote a few lines to ZY in an autumn card. He’ll be surprised to hear from me. He probably looks at me as his rival .Oh well. I’m in a way. I haven’t event try yet.

I wrote to J and talked to her about my childhood school mates. I set her my biographic poem. I don’t think I had sent it to her or she would’ve commented on it.

I need to start studying or writing. I hope all is working out accordingly for me and my friends.

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