I slept in again and finished reading the Sun magazine. I ate a lot, but I was craving some sweets. I lay around all day. I did go out for shower. I talked to T for a minute and gave him a set of thermal and some toothpaste.

The dope fiends are nicking for tobacco. It was going for 1 for 3 (One pouch of tobacco for three books of stamps.) It’s outrageous. Most people are out of tobacco, the one who has, made a killing.

I didn’t do much all day. I was hoping for a visit, but I didn’t get one. It’ll be another week before I may get one. I need to study my course material. May this just be a phase. I have to get creative. There has to be an urgency to do it. I can’t keep wasting time and making excuses for myself. I don’t want to think too much so I can deal with this time in the hole. It’ll feel strange for me to be in a new prison. I have to be patient and wait.

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