The day went by fast. I received my active writs and transcript and reports. I received 3 letters from J. She wrote a support letter for me. I wrote a couple of pages to her about my denying of feelings. I’ll write more.

I received another order for Informal response from Judge A. I have 3 orders so far. December will be an interesting month in dealing with my Ad Seg issues. I received advice from the lawyer. He suggested that I raise my issues in the hearing and let BPT postpone it. He filed another motion for me. I appreciate his help.

“The creator promises that as we walk through the water they won’t overwhelm us and as we pass through the fire it won’t burn us. But we have to pass through these trails. What is important is that we don’t despair, don’t faint, don’t fear. Never let fear, pain or doubt overcome the love in your heart. It’s easy for your body to give into fatigue and pain and for your heart to grow weary and love  grow cold because of fear and doubt. Never focus on the obstacles or problems – look above to the heavens where our creator and his armies are ready to help us.” The words of a friend. I pray that our victories are near.

I had a dream that I went home and saw Dad and Mom. Mom was sleeping when I went in her room. I lay down next to her and she jumped up with surprise. Dad was cooking in the kitchen. The house was low. I was with 4 other people. Someone drove me home for the visit twice.

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