My lower back and my knees are hurting. I need to do some exercise that will heal my body. I shouldn’t play basketball for a while. It was sunny out. I had a couple of conversations with guys on the yard. I talked to L about his rights as a prisoner. He thought that he doesn’t have any rights. That’s the way most prisoners think. Therefore, their rights are being violated constantly. I played a couple of games of basketball to get a sweat.

I had a hefty lunch. G came by around two thirty. We talked about Restorative Justice. I want to learn more about it so I can talk to the youth about it.

I received a letter from M. she asked me whether I know what I did was wrong with the instant offense. I felt ashamed and offended at the same time. I couldn’t believe she asked that question. I wrote her and expressed how I felt. She’s going to think deeply on my thoughts. I wrote to K about my family, her resentment toward her father and sent her a poem. I hope she won’t trip on me being nosey.

I received two letters from W. He wrote a letter to the warden about my 115 and 602 on transfer. I don’t think I’ll get transfer because of my parole hearing. I signed two authorization forms and sent them to W.

I got an Order for Informal Response from Judge VA on the writ the lawyer filed. We all got the same judge. Hopefully things will start to go our way.

I just might end up back on the mainline. I just want to go home. I took an Aspirin for my pain. I wrote to C and told him what happened.

May my family and friends be well and happy. May we triumph.

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