I wanted to study, but couldn’t concentrate. I reviewed my notes. I’m talking too long. I didn’t do much, but read.

I got a letter from K. she told me all about her childhood and family history. She’s honest and expressive. I like that about her. I appreciate her intimate sharing.  I wrote her a brief letter and sent her my essay “It’s a Shame.” I got a card from K. She changed her last name. I should get some wedding pictures from her soon. Mom’s letter got here. I know she wrote. I wrote her another letter and practiced my Chinese.

I got some stamps and canteen. My body is aching. I need to do some serious healing. I wrote a letter to G, since I haven’t heard from her. She’s a trip. I didn’t receive any legal mail. I wonder what happened.

Another day is gone. I’m still here.

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