It was not as cold as it was expected. I went to the yard and enjoyed my exercise time. There were 6 other people on the yard, all Black. Blu was transferred in the morning. I don’t know where he went. Mike and Rico were transferred to their respected prisons. I’m still waiting. I talked to EH for a while about Corcoran prison. Then I talked to Officer D. He’s sympathetic about my parole situation. At around nine-thirty I was called for a visit. It was a surprise as usual.

S came visit me bearing good news. She’s raising awareness and generating support for us. She had contacted a couple of friends I know and they sent their support. I got excited from listening to her accomplishments in getting support. Things are moving in a good direction. I appreciate her help and for being a great friend. The hour went away quickly. I asked her to find a lawyer to help us with the civil rights lawsuit. She said she’ll be back next Friday if I’m still here. I can’t wait. She said June Jordan died last year. I didn’t even know. J took over Poetry for the People in Berkeley. He’s an awesome poet. I asked her to push me and Mike to write more.

I received a letter from P. She sent some photos and a copy of her support letter. I appreciate her support I read newspapers all day.

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