It’s freezing in the cell. The cold wind from the bay is seeping through walls. I got my thermals on and still feel cold. I wanted to sleep in, but I didn’t. I did a short workout, took a shower and read the newspaper.

Mr. K came by to check on me. He’s doing what he can to encourage me. He suggested that I should lay low and try to get out. He said I should let other people to do the work now. I told him that I was recommended for SATF. He said he just came from there a few days ago. He gave me the CCII’s name if I get there. I don’t mind going there after he described the place. We’ll see.

I got a postcard from CC. He congratulated me on my appeal. I didn’t receive any letters. I wrote to J because I couldn’t concentrate on studying. I need to get focus. I’m resting early tonight.

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