Nature At Play

Mt. Tamalpais disappears
slowly in front of everyone’s
eyes. The morning traffic jams the
congested road that not even water can leak
through. The road spreads its limbs flatly to accommodate
the dead load of metals and flesh.
The ferry tickles the tranquil bay leaving
a trail of white bubbly waves behind. While the
wind yawns out a howling cold breath, seagulls and
little black birds extend their wings for a warm up stretch.
The trees stand silently bathing in the sweet mountain dews.

Mt. Tamalpais sits firmly in deep meditation.

Inch by inch the clouds creep around the
mountain and blankets it. The sun escorts
the clouds by beaming its ray as a guide.

Mt. Tamalpais sits firmly in deep meditation.

Just as the mountain is about to be consumed, the sun
vanishes. The milky white clouds panic and transform into
gun metal gray. It backs off from its attempt to conquer.

Mt. Tamalpais sits firmly in deep meditation.

The strength and serenity of the mountain
inspire the clouds’ creativity. It spontaneously
starts to decorate the mountain and blue sky with its flexible
and fluffy feature, creating a post card for millions to enjoy.

The clouds unite as one with Mt. Tam.

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