Close Call

Have you ever experienced being the fastest runner in the world?
Jogging lightly next to a slow moving jeep,
My curiosity
Starts to itch. I sneak behind it
And grab hold of its shining silver bumper.

Then there is a loud scream —
Sixty wild horses take off as if they are
Being chased by starving tigers.
Gasping for air, I run
Tip-toeing on an endless black road
My heart beats like a bass player
Slapping notes in a heavy metal concert,
While my mind is racing against its normal limit.

Oh, yes, I’m flying now. My legs no longer
Belong to me as they fly on their own.
The wild horses let out thunderous groans
Monsoon wind whistles by my ears
The black road becomes a blur under my feet.
The limited existence of my life flashes by my mind
I’m just a kid. I don’t want to die.

Panic takes over me. What would happen if I just
Let go? I’m too scared to find out.
Stop! Stop!! No one can hear me
As I yelling at the top of my lungs inside my head.

Then — as if the tigers disappeared,
The horses finally decide to put on their brakes.
I release my grip and fall on the black road
As everything turned back to normal.
Ha. Ha. Ha. I can’t help but laugh
Out loud as my body is drenched in sweat.
What a ride!

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