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Dec 18, 2011
» Reflections

The rumor is that the prison will be on lockdown until Monday. The administration is milking the incident of attempted escape. Someone dropped a note.

I slept in again and had REM moments. A few guys were yelling on the top of their lungs early in the morning. I had to put my earplugs on. I read newspaper and book in the afternoon. R went to Security West so he can go to East Block, anything to get some smoke and hot food.

I received the letter from Mom telling me she’ll visit. It took over three weeks. I received a letter from EB and a postcard of Chinatown. It’s a surprise to hear from him. He wrote the letter as he said he would. I wrote a few people and sent them Christmas cards. I wrote to Mon, EB, A, S, C, R, CC, and A. I expressed my appreciation for their support of me. My nights are usually spent on writing letters.

I read the article a few more times. I like how it turned out. I hope C will send it to S right away. I wonder what’s up with KW. He needs to get busy with my appeal.

May my family and friends be well, especially those who are struggling.