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Multi-Cultural Community Center (MCC)

Nov 09, 2011
» Reflections

The director of the documentary “Breathin’ The Eddy Zheng Story” Ben Wang and I promoted the trailer at the MLK building’s MCC. The event was sponsored by  Sponsors will be APASD, Asian American & Diaspora Studies Program of UC Berkeley and Professor Harvey Dong’s Asian American Studies 121 (Chinese American History.) Student interns Lauren and William emceed the event.

Although I was feeling under the weather from yesterday’s all day campaign, I appreciated the opportunity to share with many API students regarding the issues of API behind bars and deportation.

Afterward, I went by to support the Occupy Sproul Hall for a while. There’re about a thousand students on the steps sharing ideas and standing in solidarity. Police in riot gears were all over the place, while helicopter hoovered over the peaceful demonstrators.  It’s empowering to see so many students taking a stand in advocating for education.

May the movement be victorious.


I wanted to write the article and study, but I didn’t follow through. I slept after shower. I did force myself to study for a couple of hours. The statistic material is not difficult. I just can’t seem to concentrate. I want to send a lesson out this month. I know I’ll need to ask for an extension. I goofed off and start reading the newspaper. I’ll study more tomorrow.

May things be well with my family and friends. May I be triumph in my fight for freedom and legal battles.