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Jan 03, 2012
» Reflections

The guy three doors down attempted to hang himself. He was saved just on time by an MTA (Medical Technical Assistant) who was passing out medication. If she hadn’t come along, I wonder if he would still be alive. I asked the Officer about his wellbeing. She said he’s fine physically. He’ll need some mental help. The Officers are supposed to check the cells periodically, but they don’t. Usually they’re gone after feeding. Tonight they didn’t even bothered to unlock the bar. The guy is only 23.

I went to the yard for some much needed fresh air. No visit. I walked around to get warm. C came out late. I thought he was transferred. My shoulder hurts so I didn’t want to do pushups. C, S and I did yoga, leg exercises, shoulder exercises and a Brown Eagle. I felt fainted afterward. I had to sit down. It’s been a couple of weeks since I exercised. I showered and caught the cold wind. I felt a fever coming on because my head and body were heated up.

I ate lunch and lay down briefly. I felt better after dinner. I got some mail from legal department. I got copies of my 115 writ. All issues are in the courts now. Let’s hope I’ll win. My lawyer took care of business. I appreciate all his work and encouragement.

G came by to say hi. We didn’t have much to talk. I had plenty to do in the cell. I hope things will work out for me soon.

Hope and faith, personal lies to keep me going. I’m ready for whatever. May the Gods be kind to my friends Mike, Rico and Liebb. Much blessings to my family and friends.