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Dec 14, 2011
» Reflections

It wasn’t raining in the morning. D told me I had a 11 o’clock visit. I wondered who’s coming to see me. I drank a big cup of Cadillac and read the Sun. I showered and felt good.

I waited for a while before A showed up. I thought no one would show up again. She said they made her take all her clothes off and that’s why she was late. I told her I wished I was there and got her laughing. I wasn’t focused and engaged throughout the visit because I worried about the time. My nose was sniffing due to the stuffy room. A told me that she had meet with Yuri, S and M about doing an event in February. They brainstormed on how to help us and what focus to take. A wants to help me get out of prison. She doesn’t know Mike and Rico. She’s willing to work with them. Folks from Asian Resource Center wanted to get involved. She talked about the youth wanting to take a stance on the immigrant issue. She asked me to write something. She also wanted to know about any legal battles of Ad Seg. If I get an evidentiary hearing, she will bring all the kids to show support. I hope that’ll happen. She talked about her job, family and her experience with the dude who cheated her. I want to help her, but felt it’s better to let her handle it. I will be her ears and give her support. I was able to express my appreciation for her. She watched me put on my jacket and beanie and whispered that I look good. As I get ready to leave, she blew me a kiss. The Sergeant made a big deal because I took time to say good bye. He threated that I will not be able to visit if I delay it again. I didn’t like his attitude.

It started to rain as I walked back to my cell. I wish I had more time with A. I didn’t like that we can’t get comfortable and talk. I hate feeling restricted. I like it that A cares so deeply about me, but I need her to be more responsible and consistent. We’ll have to talk about that. I wanted to write to her right away, but decided not to.

I read the book Wholes Son by Donald Goines all afternoon and night. I was able to write to the lawyer. I had a good chat with D. He’s cool. I have plenty to do.

Mom turns 67 today. May she be healthy and happy. I hope the Gods will continue to watch over her and bless her. I will be out to take care of her. May the spirit show me the way.