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Nov 29, 2011
» Reflections

It’s was bitterly cold outside. My hands were freezing even after I walked for over an hour.

It felt like weekend. I was hoping for a visit and S showed up about 9:35. She had to go change because she had a half shirt on underneath her black sweat. We had a great time talking about new developments and our feelings about life and our transformations. She thinks very highly of me. I’m grateful to have her as my friend. She brings inspiration and love in my life. She’s been there for me. Our friendship blossomed in the past few months.

Her friend is struggling to come up with a way to break off her relationship without hurting the friendship. She’s having internal battles. It’s difficult for her because she has no one to talk to that will understand her reasoning. I asked her to hold off for a while until the right timing. We need to stick with each right now. Young people have so much to learn about relationships. They often get overwhelmed by the moments and make rushed decisions. I t doesn’t mean that their intentions were not genuine. They just have to experience more things and learn. I hope she’s all right.

I know my friend will feel the hit and break, but he’ll overcome. I feel very close to S. We were able to bond without limitation mentally. Her parents live in Oregon.

The writer C wants to write something about our plight. I’ll have to get my article done next week and shoot it out. It’s crucial that I write about what happened from the heart. People will understand more coming from me.

We were able to have some extra time to visit. S left at 11:15. She’ll visit W on Sunday. That’ll be a surprise and cool visit.

I went out to the yard afterward and did a few quick sets of Brown Eagle. I got pumped quick.

I wrote to J about Zheng He and Chinese history

I wanted to write my article and closing speech, but I didn’t feel like it. I wanted to get ready for the hearing, but I realized that I’m ready and I‘ve been ready. It’s all about speaking from the heart and be mindful in the delivery.

The Gods are looking out for me. The people will be praying for me. I will be victorious. I should be release! May my family and friends be happy and healthy. May Rico, Mike and Stephen be strong in their conviction to fight for their rights. We will overcome and win.