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Oct 23, 2011
» Reflections

It was breezing this morning. My body was cold even with two blankets. Mike woke me up early and told me he’s leaving. I was half asleep. All I said was, “again?” Officer G came by and said he went to Avenal. It’s not a mistake this time. His property is still en route. Mike should be on the mainline in Avenal. I didn’t feel emotional when he left. I got used to the separation from friends. I’m numb.

I wanted to study my correspondence course, but I ended up wasting all morning doing nothing.

C/O H took me to the ISU (Investigative Service Unit) office. I thought it was a set up. Sgt. M got my letters and wanted to show me my property. they still want to look at them before they return to me. I wrote a declaration. N was in the room, but he didn’t say anything.

I saw ET and told him to stay strong. I wrote a letter to Mike’s parents and let them know he’s transferred. I sent them a poem I wrote for Mom. I sent a letter to CC. I received a letter from Anmol telling me he’s scheduled to visit. The envelop was torn. Someone read the letter a second time. I wrote him back and sent him the 3250 section. I got a letter from J. She’s been thinking over her relationship with her partner. It’s not going to work out. I wrote her back and gave her my take. I wrote to A and gave her an update.

I got my log number on the 115 appeal. I received my appeal on the custody citizen complain from second level. I’ll send it to the third level.

I connected with Tim, a Black and Italian guy. I got my stamps from the mail. I should have more coming.

I’m relaxed. My body is hurting, especially the joints. I’ll be tore up when I get older. May my family and friends be well.