Mike left for court around 8:30. He looked ready. It’s around 9:30 pm. He’s not back from the court. I don’t know what happened in the court room. Maybe he’s staying in Marin over night or he’s back in Avenal. I’ll have to wait til tmorrow to find out. I want him to spend a few more days with me. I don’t feel sad that he left. He was scheduled for ICC today. I hope Ma’s able to move in next door to me if Mike doesn’t come back.

I received five pieces of letter. I received a letter from Ohio. My adviser told me I have a five months extension. M wrote me and asked for a visiting form. I don’t know why she wants a visiting form all of a sudden. I think she’s approved to see me. We’ll see. J’s letter arrived. She had the big talk with ZY. They’re separating after a few months. I think ZY hasn’t been honest with her about me. He’s jealous that we’re good friends. I can understand that. I hope he doesn’t pull any hanky panky stuff. D sent me a new year’s card. He changed address. He’s still sad from two years ago. He has a new friend now. Lucky sent me a letter and two wedding pictures. His wife looked beautiful in the studio photos. She looked totally different from the ones she took in Beijing. The made over was good. He’s really lucky. He understood how I feel. I like Lucky’s personality. He said D and D are trying to go back to China. They’re talking to the Chinese embassy. I have to think about that. I wrote J back and talked to her about Brazilian Jiujitsu. I wrote to M and sent her a visiting form just in case she’s not approved. I wrote D and gave him an update. I sent G a letter. I didn’t say much. I don’t like the way she does things. I wrote to Ms. Won the attorney. I sent her my article proposal, SF article and the recent board transcript. I asked her to represent me in a 1983 federal lawsuit. Hopefully she’ll take on the case. I have been busy writing letters.

I need to start on the article and other creative writings. Tomorrow is a new day. I feel good about my future. I’m at peace with myself. I didn’t make it to library today. I don’t have anything going. The lawyer is taking care of the appeals to the Supreme Court. I hope he’s well and got some help with copying.

May Mike win in the hearing. May we taste victory after victory soon. Much love to my family and friends.

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