It was cold out, but I enjoyed the fresh air. I talked to HF about his case. I suggested that he exercise his rights. His counselor W is lazy, ignorant because he ignored his request and clown him. I talked to this white dude named Q. He remembered me from the chapel so he engaged in a conversation with me. I also talked to Pretty Bird P. He knew about my situation through C. He beat his 115 and other issues in the California Supreme Court. He’ll give me his paperwork. I appreciate his help. I did some yoga. I warmed up with some morning Sun Salutations, did the morning Asanas. I’ll get better with practice. I tried a few moves of Jiujitsu on K. He liked it. H said I need a new workout partner.

I ate a delicious lunch. I didn’t do much in the afternoon. Mike had a visit with CC. They’re getting ready for the hearing. CC won’t send the article for me. Now I have to go through a longer delay.

I wrote a letter to S. Mike went to the library. The lawyer got my stuff and is busy doing my writ to the Ct. of Appeal. I got a postcard from M. She went to Yosemite. I got the letter from Mom with Guma’s picture. She’s healthy in the ’99 picture where she celebrated her birthday. I hope to see her before she gets too old. I feel bad not being about to visit her.

I’m turning in early tonight. Mike is busy studying. I hope all is well with Rico. May our battles start to bear fruit toward victory.

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