Year of the Dragon

Happy year of the Dragon!



“Don’t base your happiness and peace on things changing saying if this happens I’ll be happy. Be thankful everyday no matter where you are.” My friend Liebb told me. It was good seeing him. I’m grateful to gain a great friend through this ordeal. Our friendship will only blossom. The lawyer took care of all my legal issues. I have everything in the courts. May the good spirit have mercy on me and let me win. I have to trust whatever that’ll happen.

S came early this morning. She was waiting for me by the time I got out there. I was in the shower when they called me for a visit. We had some discussions on my situation, the upcoming event, the anecdote in Ad Seg. She went to see D twice. She’s in it for the long haul. I told her I’ll be there to support her. She had to work so she left around 9:30. I appreciate her for coming to see me. She gave my message to Yuri about the event.I received a Sufi card from S with her poem. She’s a good poet.

Mr. K came by to see me. He’s a hypocrite who tried too hard to toot his own horn. He played it off like he’s doing something great. He asked if I had a message for Yuri since he’s going to see her in the event. I don’t trust him so I told him to say hi to her.

I got my board transcript from counselor S. I made a copy and sent it to W. I got a letter from W that as dated 1/3/03. I wrote to my advisor in Ohio about my course. Hopefully I can work things out.

Dongxifeng gave me a poetry book by Bei Dao. He’s been great to me. I went to library to make copies. I had a long day. I read the Chinese novel.

The C/O B doesn’t like to do my legal mail. He tried to avoid it by running pass my cell. He’s  too lazy to log it in the book.

I haven’t received a letter from Mom and sis. I know they love me and think of me. I hope they’re doing well. I love them.

May the Gods keep protecting them. I hope Mike is doing well and come out victorious. May Rico be well also.

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