Super bowl Sunday. Raider loss to Tampa Bay 48-21. TB’s way too strong. Usually if I was on the line, I would have a spread and watch the game. There’s also a food sale from the Native Americans. I don’t miss it, but I would like to eat if I can. I was on the yard in the morning. S gave me a fade. It came out nice. I shot the ball a little and jogged a few laps. I took a shower and caught a little cold. I played some Black Jack for fun. I heard the mainline PA call the food sale pick up. I wished my friend would get me some food. I came in and ate a good lunch, then took a nap.

I read the Kung Fu book. I ate chicken patty for dinner. T gave me his. I was full. I wrote a letter to E’s wife and asked her to send me Mom’s letter. I wrote to J to say hi and told him my status. He’ll be surprised to hear from me. I’m sure G will pick up the hint that I don’t want her involve in my case.

I learned three Jujitsu moves tonight. I’ll practice them on the yard, straight arm by opponent, neck and arm and sweep.

I ate some chicken for late snack. It’s delicious. I appreciate the food. It would be good with a Dr. Pepper. I’m full. It’s been a good day.

I hope I’ll get to talk to Mom tomorrow. May the gods bless me and my family.

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