I heated up the spread T made last night for breakfast. It would’ve been better when it was hot. I took a sinus pill and went to sleep. I work up around twelve and had lunch. I feel better physically. I’m ready to exercise tomorrow.

I looked through my correspondence course and realized that I don’t’ have much time left. I would have to send in two lessons a month if I want to get it done on time. I need to get busy now because there could be many distractions in the coming months. I did some review of previous chapters. I’ll start working on a new one tomorrow

I received a letter and three pictures from Rudy C. I felt pumped after reading the letter. He wants me to work with him to help save the youth’s lives. I’m ready. I like what he’s doing. I’ll fit right in. I wrote him back and sent him my autobiography poem.

I got a letter from D Feinstein. She’s responding to the letter I wrote to her a few months ago. She referred my letter to Gray Davis’ office. Another brush off letter.

I sent a letter to J. I don’t even know if she’s in Beijing right now. Hopefully ZY will give her my letters. Dude’s insecure about his relationship with J. I don’t blame him. I know I will get more holiday letters soon.

B gave me an extra tray for dinner. He’s cool with me now, after he spied on me.

I’m taking things one day at a time. May the earth continue to sustain me.

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