The storm is raging once again. There’s wind, rain, lightning and thunder. I hope the weather will get better tomorrow in case S decides to come visit me. I don’t want her to come in such nasty weather. It’s been gloomy all day.

I slept in. I didn’t feel like studying or be creative. That’s not good, but I got to do something about it. I read some magazine stories. I received a postcard from A that was sent 12/3. She liked what I had to say during the parole hearing. She wants to interview Sis and my parents in the next month or so for the documentary. I wrote her back and thanked her.

I wrote to M and told her what happened with my parole hearing. I sent F a bday card. I wrote S a letter, but I decided not to get involve with her situation and threw the letter away.

G came by to visit. He told me about the Rosencraze decision. It’s not good for the lifers. G wrote letter to the Governor and expressed his feelings on his no parole policy.

The lockdown ruined all the scheduled programs. I got a postcard from O. The cop gave it to the wrong cell. I’m glad I got it back. She sent it from India. She was there traveling and attending a conference on human rights. I’m sure she’s back in Hong Kong now. It’s great to hear from her. I knew she’s away from her place since I didn’t hear from her.

There will be no yard for another week due to the institution lockdown. I have to exercise inside. May all beings be well.

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