The yard was cancelled due to an institutional lockdown. I was ready for yard after a healthy breakfast. I went back to sleep since I didn’t sleep well last night. The storm let up and it was nice outside.

I didn’t do my studies as I should have. I read instead. I’m behind on reading my magazines. I went to library and made copies and did research. I had deadlines. I talked to B for a little. I met a Vietnamese due V. I didn’t see the lawyer. I didn’t hear from the court on my relief. I got my article back. It was typed and edited. They lawyer did an excellent job. I have much to learn to become a better writer.

I wrote to CC and sent him the article. He’ll forward it accordingly. I wrote to G and gave her a head’s up on A. I sent J a Christmas card. I wrote to KW, S, S, SB, D and KA. I sent KA a Spanish poem and the SF article. Hopefully I can get my writings published in a chapbook.

I need to do some exercise in the cell to stay in shape. I’ve been lazy since there’s no yard. Things will be all right in no time. I have faith all will work out.

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