The wind is howling outside. No rain in sight yet. However, this morning was wet. I went to yard hoping to enjoy the air and exercise. After an hour or so, it started dripping. Then it turned into pouring rain. It was cold and wet. I had a chance to talk to L about the system and his attitude. He listened to me intently. I was getting through to him with sandwich methods of criticism and encouragement. I enjoyed talking to him.

I came back and had a great lunch. I read the magazine and took note on different exercises. Then I wrote KW a letter and sent him my post board decision. I hope he handled business and send SL the appeal denial

I wrote to A and gave her a run down on my possibilities. I thanked her for being a great friend and gave her some contact information of other friends. I hope she will take care of business for me. She has good intention like many of my friends. I need her to follow through.

My thoughts go out to all my friends and my family. May they be blessed with love and strength and health. May I be free soon.

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