29 – 21 = 8

I feel like putting some things in perspective:

29 is the number of years I have been in the United States of America.

21 is the number of years I have been in prison and immigration detention.

8 is the number of years I have been outside in the “free world.”



I came to America twenty years ago today. I spent sixteen of those twenty years in prison. I hope I’ll get a chance to spend some time on the outside.

There’s a storm out there and I wasn’t aware of it until G told me. He dropped by and gave me an update on the latest. The Republicans won big during the election. Gray Davis got elected for his second term. Maybe things will get better with the parole situation.

I went to the library and made some copies. I sent KW my support letters and board report. He wrote and said he’ll come see me.

I wrote to Yuri, A and P. I sent P a copy of the matrix article. Mail won’t go out until Monday night since Monday is a holiday. I sent the lawyer a note and the appeal. He sent me a copy of the writ on my mail, Ad Seg retention and appeal issues. Hopefully things will get right. I want to write the article and study my correspondence material.

May the spirit help me and guide me.

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+ 8 = seventeen