Counselor S delivered my board report to me. She said it was late being done. One of the pages was missing. I wrote to her and asked for a copy. It was an all right report because the 115 will hurt me.

I received a letter from G. She responded to some of my questions. I didn’t like her comments as usual. She doesn’t want to help me the way I wanted her to. Now, I will not ask her again for advice. She did it out of concern, but I still don’t like her logic. I wrote her a long letter to let her know how I felt. She was on vacation for a couple of weeks. That’s why I didn’t hear from her.

I wrote to KW about my update and asked him to come see me. My lawyer sent me some copies. He’ll take care of business. I appreciate that.

I worked out with C and felt pumped. I read for a while. My eyes are red. I will finish the book tonight.

Tomorrow I will organize my legal works. The day went by fast. I wish my family and friends well. May I be home soon.

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