It’s L’s birthday. May she be happy.

I was only able to finished writing the beginning of my article. I will have to get it done before mail out Sunday night. I need to get it out there for publishing.

I went to library to do my research and copies. The count was late so I had time to write to the lawyer. I received a letter from G. She’s happy that I broke down, sort of. It’s cool. She doesn’t know any better.

I got my letters back from KW and his letter to BPT. He did a good job. I got the copy of response by the warden. She didn’t say anything specific on why I pose a threat if I stay in SQ. I hope the court will order my stay. My writ on my legal deadline issue was filed on 11/18. I’ll get a copy soon.

No incoming personal letters or outgoing. I saw Stephen briefly. He’s optimistic about the future. I hope that he’s right. I pray that he’s well and able to maintain the fighting spirit.

May my friends M and R and their families be well. May my family and friends be well. May I be free and home with my loved ones.

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