The day went by fast. I was able to bear down and finished my first lesson of Statistic. I can do the calculations, but I had a problem with the concepts and terms. I submitted my lesson according to the guidelines. I received a postcard from Ohio reminding me to start my lesson.

I received Mom’s letter and found out what her worries were about. She sent me an article on prisoners assaulting staff in Lancaster prison. She’s worried that I’ll get in trouble if I get sent to prisons like that. I wrote her back and reasoned with her. I don’t like her putting pressure and guilt trip on me. I get stressful knowing she’s worried about nothing. I also wrote to Roger and asked him to call her.

I got a letter from J. She moved. She didn’t write a support letter for me because she said she doesn’t know how. What can I do? My best friends don’t even write letter for me. I was writing to her, but decided to wait.

I received my last issue of The Sun magazine. It’s been a productive day.

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