I did my best to study statistic, but I didn’t make much progress.

I had a delicious lunch with what little ingredients I had. I went to the library and got some work done. I got the form to ask for appointed counsel. I sent it to the Marin Court. S sent it to the A.G. for me. I sent CC a copy.

I received the stamped copy of the writ on transfer retaliation today. I also received the rejection from the Court of Appeal. That wasn’t pleasant at all. I sent it to the lawyer. Hopefully I can appeal it again. Things have to get better.

Mike’s hearing was this morning. Hopefully he had some good news. It’s been a tiring day.

I didn’t get any mail from friends. I wonder what’s up with B. I hope S will visit tomorrow. It’ll be good for me. I have to stay around for another month. I hope I’ll be back to the mainline soon.

May all my friends and family be safe and healthy.

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