My boday’s sored from yesterday’s workout. I feel like I’m getting a cold. My nose is a little stuffy. I took a shower and lied down in bed.

Mike moved back in the section. He went to 4C48 (Fourth tier, Carson section, cell 48) temporarily. He asked me to write to CC and let him know he’s back. He must not have any stamps or writing material. I don’t know what’s the story behind all the charges with him. Hopefully I’ll see him tomorrow.

I did some brainstorming on the visiting program with A. I was going to study, but got distracted.

G dropped by to say hi. I asked him to talk to N for me. G told a racist joke. I laughed. Now I know why the lawyer said he’s a racist.

I got a letter from C and R. they both sent me copies of their support letters. C did a good job. I wrote her back and gave her an update. I wrote to R to thank him. I wrote to S and updated on our situation. I want to make sure he had received my letter. I wrote to CC and gave him the latest. The mail’s been late 13 days. I hope I’ll received more support letters from A and others.

Uso hooked me up. I hope I’ll be here on the mainline than somewhere else. I don’t mind starting fresh in Solano, as long as it’s closer to the Bay. I have to have faith that things will work out.

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