It was cold out, but I enjoyed the fresh air. I talked to HF about his case. I suggested that he exercise his rights. His counselor W is lazy, ignorant because he ignored his request and clown him. I talked to this white dude named Q. He remembered me from the chapel so he engaged in a conversation with me. I also talked to Pretty Bird P. He knew about my situation through C. He beat his 115 and other issues in the California Supreme Court. He’ll give me his paperwork. I appreciate his help. I did some yoga. I warmed up with some morning Sun Salutations, did the morning Asanas. I’ll get better with practice. I tried a few moves of Jiujitsu on K. He liked it. H said I need a new workout partner.

I ate a delicious lunch. I didn’t do much in the afternoon. Mike had a visit with CC. They’re getting ready for the hearing. CC won’t send the article for me. Now I have to go through a longer delay.

I wrote a letter to S. Mike went to the library. The lawyer got my stuff and is busy doing my writ to the Ct. of Appeal. I got a postcard from M. She went to Yosemite. I got the letter from Mom with Guma’s picture. She’s healthy in the ’99 picture where she celebrated her birthday. I hope to see her before she gets too old. I feel bad not being about to visit her.

I’m turning in early tonight. Mike is busy studying. I hope all is well with Rico. May our battles start to bear fruit toward victory.


Time is going by way too fast. I stayed busy from noon to ten o’clock. I cooked lunch. G came by to say hi. He told me a free person commented that we’re bad guys because some people were mad at us. G confronted him by telling him he didn’t know us and know the truth. He apologized to G.

I studied some Jiujitsu. Then I wrote letters. I received the letter I’d sent to O last week. It needed 10 more cents. It costs$3.80. I added the postage and wrote another page to O. I wrote to B, S, A, D, M, and S. I asked them for assistance. Hopefully at least one person comes through. I didn’t have time to do other writings. I do need to manage my time better. I still have some letters to respond to and more letters to write.

I ate well tonight. Big homie looked out for us. M went to see the doctor and got a translator over the phone. CC’s letter helped.

I talked to Mike for a while, reminisced on some people. After he leaves, we won’t be seeing each other for a while. We’ll be on our separate ways. He told me C got twins. I haven’t heard from her or J for a long time. Things changed and people changed over time. I learn that I have to be non-attached with friendship and emotions. I need to get out of prison.


It was chili outside until the sunshine came over the East Block building. I had to work out by myself because C left. He was transferred to Solano. I miss having a workout partner. I shot some basketball, did yoga and dive bombers. I was pumped. I took a cold shower. I felt good. T didn’t bring out his paperwork. He doesn’t to help himself.

I had a good lunch, took a nap and started writing letters. I wrote to S, Yuri, A, C, M, A, Sis and W. I asked them to find me some legal assistance. I explained my urgency to them. Hopefully I’ll get some responses. I have more letters to write.

Big homie looked out for me. I love him for that. I kicked it with Mike for a while. I haven’t had time to do my Statistic lesson or read anything. I hope things will go smoother for me in the courts.

May my Mom be healthy and my family and friends be well. I told R the story about kissing Dad. He cried.


I’ve been up all day. I cooked lunch for Mike and I. We ate and brainstormed on different avenues to get help. He encouraged me to start soliciting for help from friends. I have to make my family and friends understand that I’m fighting for my life. I have to make myself understand that urgency. I’m going to make the necessary changes to get disciplined.

I responded to the lawyer’s comments. I expressed how I felt about our strategy in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully we can find some creative ways to get some reliefs.

I was able to talk to Mom and Dad for about ten minutes. I told Mom to get her doctor to write a note to verify her illnesses. I also informed her about Mike’s Mom and brother’s willingness to help. Mom told me N is in Canada and won’t be back until next Sunday. I told her I need Sis to help me regardless her busy schedules. She’s travelling in the country in March. She’ll be in China in April. I need to get a hold of her.

I talked to Sgt. C for a while. He’s eating with his partner. We chatted briefly. He won’t be working here anymore. I called A, Y and B, but no one was home. I got a hold of A. He was in San Jose. He’s surprised to hear from me. I told him what’s going on. He’ll try to come see me next Sunday. He said he’s in the committee, but doesn’t really know what to do. I told him  that I’ll ease his mind and give him some ideas. It’s good talking to him. He’s getting complacent and asked me to push him.

I studied some Jiujitsu techniques. I wish I could spar with a partner. I like a lot of the techniques. I need to remember some of them. My night slipped away. I didn’t get to write my letters. I want to shoot about fifteen letters out tomorrow night. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it. It’ll be a short day tomorrow.

Mike and I talked a lot through the day. I enjoyed his company. I pray that this ordeal will be over soon for all of us and we’ll win. It’ll be wonderful to be able to get out of prison this year.


It was nice outside. East Block didn’t come out. I di yoga, dive bombers and ran some laps. I felt good. The sun was out shining. I walked around with T and listened to his venting. He repeated the same story. I know he’s angry at the injustice. I enjoyed the yard time.

I took a nap and was wakened by the Officer passing out mail. He gave me two legal mails. One was from the Ct. of Appeal. Both of my writs were denied. That is a hard blow. I wrote to the lawyer and sent him the result. We have to do some evaluation on what steps to take. I want to go all the way. I received the letter for M to the warden and psychiatrist. CC took care of business. I wrote a 602 for M on getting him a translator. J sent me a paper cut out of blessing in Chinese character for new year. She only wrote a short note, but it cost her 12.8 yuan. That’s too much postage. I appreciate it.

Mike and I discussed and brainstormed on what my options are and strategies. He encouraged me to write letter to friends and solicit help.  I’m going to go on a writing campaign. I need to step up. We talked for a while. J wrote him recently. Mike told me C got twins – a boy and a girl. I’m happy for her, but I don’t have any contact with them.

I wrote to the lawyer and responded to his questions. Let’s hope we can come up with a plan. I’m relying on the higher power to protect me and relying on myself and my friends to help me to win. It’s good having Mike around. He helped encourage me and gave me plans. I need to rewrite my article to make it more powerful – show and not tell. Mike gave me some ideas. I appreciate that. May we overcome all obstacles.


My body felt tire caused I stayed up talking to Mike. I didn’t get a good nap either because I wanted to wait M to walk by. I made lunch and ate it with Mike. I wrote to the lawyer and got ready for library. I talked to the lawyer briefly. He handled business as usual. He did the other appeal on the mail and due process issue. I made copies and got the necessary paperwork. I was able to get some writing done.

I received four letters tonight. I got a card from E. A sent a card also. I got a letter from S and X. It’s a surprised to hear form X. I wrote S and related the layer’s message. I wrote to N and asked him to call Mike’s Mom to get his brother’s number so Mom can get a note. Hopefully it’ll work. I had too much paperwork to read. I didn’t get a chance to respond to all the letters. I’ll have to get busy over the weekend.

Time went by too fast. I talked to Mike for a while. We discussed about the need to get support from our friends. I need to feel the urgency because I’m fighting for my life. May the Gods guide me to victory.


Mike moved in next door to me. He’ll be here for a couple of weeks. It’s a nice surprise to see him and kick it with him briefly. When B gave me mail tonight, he said, “You got fan mail.” I know he’s hating on me. He doesn’t understand how I have so many people write to me.

S shared two of her recent poem with me. I’ll get into them tomorrow. I wrote a two page letter in Chinese to P. I expressed my thoughts on the importance of family. I asked him to look out for Mom and Dad. It was a pretty expressive letter. I hope he listens to me. I wrote Mom a brief letter telling her about my letter to bro. She’ll be happy to hear that. I wrote a short page to K. I wrote a Chinese Valentines card to O and sent her my BPT closing statement. I hope she’ll get it without delay.

T let me exchanged my books from the property today. I picked 4 books. I might even be able to read them. I wrote a kite to A asking him to move Mike next door to me. Things worked out. Uso hooked it up. We stayed up and talked for a few hours. Mike has been taking care of his legal readings. The cops don’t want to mess with him out there. I’m glad that I got a chance to see Mike. Who knows how long it’ll take before we see each other again. I hope we’ll become victorious with our writes and appeals. May God bless us always.


It’s could outside, but the sun was out early. The Blacks and Mexicans are still on lockdown. Rumor has it that there was a hit out on a Black guy, so they had to be investigated. I talked to NB for a while. He talked a lot and I listened. I gave him a kite for N. Hopefully he’ll respond to me. He’s in 5E36. Maybe I heard wrong about him. He sounded pretty clear headed. I did the usual exercise with C. We got along with each other. I had a good yard day.

Mr. K came by to tell me that I got a 7 month extension on the Statistic course. That’s good news. I’ll have to get busy.

I wrote a letter in Chinese to O. I had to send it because B picks up mail early. I wrote three more pages in English to her. I’ll send it out tomorrow. B gave me my mail late. I received a letter from K. she just wrote to say hi. I appreciate that. I got Mom’s letter with 3 pictures and 200 dollars and a card from brother P. It’s been a long time since I’d heard from him. I’ll write them back. I wrote a letter to CC and sent him a draft concerning M’s situation. Hopefully he’ll help us.

Mike is here again. He’s here for court for a couple of weeks. I hope to see him and talk to him. I’m staying up too late, but I’m not tired. I got some magazines from uso. I have plenty to read. I hope all is well with my family and friends.


I felt lazy so I didn’t do much. I read the USA Today and The Progress mag. I studied a little.

I received a letter from S. She apologized for pressuring me with her religious beliefs. She recognized it after I sent her a X-mas card. She’ll still try to convert me, but with subtlety. I’ll write her back tomorrow.

I got a return to sender letter that was sent to EB. I guess he felt. Hopefully he’s on the right track

I got a ruling from Judge A. She denied my writ. So far, she denied everyone of my writ. I don’t think she wanted to deal with me anymore. Now my hope of winning is in the Court of Appeals. I pray that I’ll at least win on the 115 writ. It’s too strong for me not to win. I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m turning in early tonight. I don’t feel engaged or motivated. S brought a reroute letter by. It’s from O. She got my letter late so she thought I was busy. It’s good to know that she’s thinking of me. She’s a good friend. I’m lucky.


I noticed the sunshine reflecting from the hospital wall. It was going to be a nice day. Then we were told that there’ll be no yard. I didn’t react to the announcement. A minute later, the police announced that there’ll be Walk Along and 2 yard, but no 6 yard. I went out and there was a new basketball net. I talked to P for a while about family, money and other topics. Then I changed the net. T’s stressing on the guilty finding of his 115. He told me about what happened for the fifth time. I realized he’s venting so I listened. He wanted to hire an attorney to deal with his case. That’s great. I’ll try to help him with the appeal on the 115. C and I did some Brown Eagle. I tried a couple of the Jujitsu moves on him. He liked the straight arm move. I liked it too because I saw the effect of it. I almost threw C over my shoulder. I showered and got some sunshine. I helped my neighbor out.

I wrote a letter to M and sent her my autobiography poem. I told her how I felt about our visit. She’ll trip on my candidness. Let’s see what response I’ll get from her. I sent J a letter. She’ll find it interesting. I sent WF a bday card. I look forward to hear from him. M gave me some of his pills. I’m glad he’s not taking them.

I didn’t study so I’ll have things to do tomorrow. I’m tired so I’ll sleep early. The last two nights have been rough. The PCs down stairs and upstairs kept yelling at each other. It’s stupid.

I’m just riding smoothly through time. Tomorrow is a new day. I’m grateful for being alive. May my family and friends be well. I hope A will write me and let know what’s up. Good night.


Happy Chinese New Year to me. I got up and decided to ring in the New Year by exercising. I did some yoga and other exercises. Then I showered and shaved. D told me I had a visit at 12:30. I was happy to hear that. I didn’t know who would be coming to see me. I did some studying on statistic while waiting. I went out to the visiting room at 12:30.

M showed up around 12:50. She had to go to the house to change her shirt because it was too short. She even came early. It’s a pleasant surprise to see her. It’s been three years since we saw each other. She looked the same, beautiful. She asked how I was doing. I gave her an update on my situation. I asked about her teaching. She’s having a hard time because it’s her first year. She might quit after the year is up and go do something else. She wants to keep teaching, but maybe not in Oakland Tech. Her parents have an apartment in Shanghai. They want her to teach there and go visit. She doesn’t want to, but she’ll go visit over the summer. Her boyfriend is planning to go law school. She might have to follow him depending where he studies. She doesn’t really know what to say to me. I felt a sense of awkwardness. It’s been a while since we talked. She has changed mentally or maybe I don’t know her that well. I thanked her for being a friend to me. We only had a forty-five minute visit. It’s too short for us to get comfortable. I felt a send of loneliness and longing after I got back to the cell. I wished I was outside living my life. I had to switch my thoughts.

I wrote to J and shared my thoughts with her. I wrote about friendships between men and women.

I practiced the Jujitsu moves and got more tips. I’ll practice them on the yard. I studied some more. I appreciate the New Year’s gift, M’s presence. I got to spend some time with a beautiful woman. I need to get to know her better before I make an assessment.

I hope all is well with my family. I will be release from prison this year. It’s destined. May the Gods keep taking care of me.