The end of the month brought me some unpleasant feeling. What started out to be a wonderful day ended up on a low note. I was informed that I had a visit at 12:30. I was happy to know that. I wonder who would be coming to see me. The surprise of seeing a friend adds t the excitement. I did a little reviewing of my paperwork until time for the visit. After I got to the visiting room, I had a feeling that no one would show up. I thought about many reasons why my visitor hasn’t show up. After 30 minutes, I gave up tripping about it. I sat there from 12:20 to 1:30. I was disappointed that no one showed up. I don’t know why my visitor didn’t show up or who that may be. I don’t like to be let down and set up, even it’s unintentionally.

I took a nap after I got back and woke up feeling low. I wrote to J about it. I finished writing my closing statement for board. I hope I’ll be able to speak it from the heart. My mind is blank in a way. I don’t know what to expect in the hearing. I’ll go with it. May the Gods look out for me.


It’s was bitterly cold outside. My hands were freezing even after I walked for over an hour.

It felt like weekend. I was hoping for a visit and S showed up about 9:35. She had to go change because she had a half shirt on underneath her black sweat. We had a great time talking about new developments and our feelings about life and our transformations. She thinks very highly of me. I’m grateful to have her as my friend. She brings inspiration and love in my life. She’s been there for me. Our friendship blossomed in the past few months.

Her friend is struggling to come up with a way to break off her relationship without hurting the friendship. She’s having internal battles. It’s difficult for her because she has no one to talk to that will understand her reasoning. I asked her to hold off for a while until the right timing. We need to stick with each right now. Young people have so much to learn about relationships. They often get overwhelmed by the moments and make rushed decisions. I t doesn’t mean that their intentions were not genuine. They just have to experience more things and learn. I hope she’s all right.

I know my friend will feel the hit and break, but he’ll overcome. I feel very close to S. We were able to bond without limitation mentally. Her parents live in Oregon.

The writer C wants to write something about our plight. I’ll have to get my article done next week and shoot it out. It’s crucial that I write about what happened from the heart. People will understand more coming from me.

We were able to have some extra time to visit. S left at 11:15. She’ll visit W on Sunday. That’ll be a surprise and cool visit.

I went out to the yard afterward and did a few quick sets of Brown Eagle. I got pumped quick.

I wrote to J about Zheng He and Chinese history

I wanted to write my article and closing speech, but I didn’t feel like it. I wanted to get ready for the hearing, but I realized that I’m ready and I‘ve been ready. It’s all about speaking from the heart and be mindful in the delivery.

The Gods are looking out for me. The people will be praying for me. I will be victorious. I should be release! May my family and friends be happy and healthy. May Rico, Mike and Stephen be strong in their conviction to fight for their rights. We will overcome and win.


It’s Thanksgiving. I have plenty to be thankful for. In Ad Seg, it’s just another day.

I read through some of the old support letters from friends over the years. I felt encouraged by their comments.

I wrote to J about how I felt about being let down by friends She’ll feel guilty and respond to my writing.

Another day closer to the hearing.


The day went by fast. I received my active writs and transcript and reports. I received 3 letters from J. She wrote a support letter for me. I wrote a couple of pages to her about my denying of feelings. I’ll write more.

I received another order for Informal response from Judge A. I have 3 orders so far. December will be an interesting month in dealing with my Ad Seg issues. I received advice from the lawyer. He suggested that I raise my issues in the hearing and let BPT postpone it. He filed another motion for me. I appreciate his help.

“The creator promises that as we walk through the water they won’t overwhelm us and as we pass through the fire it won’t burn us. But we have to pass through these trails. What is important is that we don’t despair, don’t faint, don’t fear. Never let fear, pain or doubt overcome the love in your heart. It’s easy for your body to give into fatigue and pain and for your heart to grow weary and love  grow cold because of fear and doubt. Never focus on the obstacles or problems – look above to the heavens where our creator and his armies are ready to help us.” The words of a friend. I pray that our victories are near.

I had a dream that I went home and saw Dad and Mom. Mom was sleeping when I went in her room. I lay down next to her and she jumped up with surprise. Dad was cooking in the kitchen. The house was low. I was with 4 other people. Someone drove me home for the visit twice.


It started as a cold morning, turned into a sunny and warm one. I took some laps by myself. C didn’t come out due to a lockdown in East Block. I didn’t feel like working out. However, S and I got down anyway. We did our yoga routine and did some pushups. I did about 620 pushups. Then we ran 5 laps. It was nice.

I was scheduled to go the law library. I was a surprise. However, the library was cancelled due to an emergency count, I think. I wasn’t happy about that. I had to make some copies.

I took a nap. Then I read through my hearing transcript from last year. I want to get ready for the hearing. I didn’t touch the article.

I didn’t receive or send out any letters tonight. G did dropped me a note saying that US was not bombing Iraq.

T kept begging me to give him some stamps so he can smoke. I denied his requests. He has to earn his trust from me.

I asked the captain for a phone call and he said yes. However, he didn’t arrange for me to make it tonight.

I’m not in a creative mode. I need to do something about that.

May I be able to convince the BPT to give me a date. May I be home soon. May my family and friends be well.


I couldn’t get stated on my article. I was able to do some brainstorming and jotted down some notes. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the article this week. I may have to wait till after the parole hearing. That might be a better time.

I went to my interview for the appeal on my 115. Mr. R read through my appeal in front of me and asked me some questions. He’s obviously biased. He had formed an opinion about my situation and guilty verdict. He did jot down some notes. I asked him to be fair and impartial. He said that he will and that I should get my appeal back soon. I didn’t feel good after the interview. He doesn’t care about the facts of my appeal and how they had violated my due process rights. I guess I had to take it to the court.

G came by. I told him what happened. He told me he talked to N. It’s clear that he’s in denial about his situation. I hope I can help lift his spirit up.

Bush started war today on Iraq.

I received a letter from A. He sent me a copy of this support letter. He wants to know any updates on my situation. I wrote him back and gave him an update. I appreciate his support. It’s good to have friend reached out and touched me.

I got some magazines from my neighbor next door. I have to get my acts together.


It was overcast in the early morning. I was informed that I had a visit at 9:10. I was excited and wondered who might visit me. However, when I got out there, my visit was cancelled. I don’t know who had set an appointment to see me. I guess I’ll find out later on. I was disappointed.

The sun peeped out briefly. I had a good workout with C and S. They’re good workout partners because they’re willing to listen and participate. We did yoga to warm up. Then we did arm windmills. We ran 5 laps, then 10 laps with mountain climbers, then 5 more laps. Then we did 100 single leg squats, 5 crossover lunges, 80 6 counts of burpees and 4 sets of 25 Jasiris. Then we warm down with yoga. I was sweating.

I ate and took a nap. Then I read. I didn’t write until after dinner. I finished the opening. I have a long way to go, but I got distracted by the book again. I plan to write it the next couple of days. I was able to write on my closing statement for the board hearing. I need to take advantage my time to prepare for the hearing. I haven’t touched my correspondence course since I sent my homework out. I don’t have much time left to study.

The lawyer reached out and touched me. I appreciate that gesture.

I’ll have to bear down. I’ll finish reading the book tonight. May the Gods look out for me. I’m ready.


My plan to write my article was deferred due to my lack of discipline. Instead of writing, I read all day. I got hooked on reading the Kung Fu book. I didn’t follow through my plan. I take full responsibility.


I did not receive any letters today. I did receive the order granting my 30 days extension from Judge A. That’s good in case I needed more time. I will inform the lawyer.

It’s overcast this morning. C, S and I walked for an hour or so before we played a couple of games of basketball.  H cheated as usual. I had fun with the two brothers. We talked about music.

After yard, I was able to talk to J for a while. I showed my article. He’s curious about me. We talked for a long time. He’s willing to be my character witness. He believed that I should be released. I appreciate his comments.

I relaxed and read for the rest of the day. I got some Kung Fu books and a literature book. I read the Kung Fu book years ago. I’m reading it again.  I’ll need to write my article tomorrow.

May my creative juice help me. May the creators continue to bless me and my loved ones.


It’s L’s birthday. May she be happy.

I was only able to finished writing the beginning of my article. I will have to get it done before mail out Sunday night. I need to get it out there for publishing.

I went to library to do my research and copies. The count was late so I had time to write to the lawyer. I received a letter from G. She’s happy that I broke down, sort of. It’s cool. She doesn’t know any better.

I got my letters back from KW and his letter to BPT. He did a good job. I got the copy of response by the warden. She didn’t say anything specific on why I pose a threat if I stay in SQ. I hope the court will order my stay. My writ on my legal deadline issue was filed on 11/18. I’ll get a copy soon.

No incoming personal letters or outgoing. I saw Stephen briefly. He’s optimistic about the future. I hope that he’s right. I pray that he’s well and able to maintain the fighting spirit.

May my friends M and R and their families be well. May my family and friends be well. May I be free and home with my loved ones.


I dreamt that Jackie Chan asked me to work for him. It was weird. I slept a couple of more hours and felt good.

I plan to write my article, but I didn’t feel like it. I read magazines instead. I got my canteen. I didn’t ordered much because I thought I would get First Draw old money. I didn’t write any letter or received any. I did brainstorm on the article a bit. I got the stamped copy of ex parte request for extension.

I had a relaxed day.


The day went by fast. I was able to bear down and finished my first lesson of Statistic. I can do the calculations, but I had a problem with the concepts and terms. I submitted my lesson according to the guidelines. I received a postcard from Ohio reminding me to start my lesson.

I received Mom’s letter and found out what her worries were about. She sent me an article on prisoners assaulting staff in Lancaster prison. She’s worried that I’ll get in trouble if I get sent to prisons like that. I wrote her back and reasoned with her. I don’t like her putting pressure and guilt trip on me. I get stressful knowing she’s worried about nothing. I also wrote to Roger and asked him to call her.

I got a letter from J. She moved. She didn’t write a support letter for me because she said she doesn’t know how. What can I do? My best friends don’t even write letter for me. I was writing to her, but decided to wait.

I received my last issue of The Sun magazine. It’s been a productive day.


It was chilly outside, but the sun was out. I knew I had a visit at 9:30 so I worked out early. C didn’t make it out. S and I did yoga and pushups. He’s not in shape to keep up with me yet. We had a good workout.

KW and I visited for about an hour and thirty minutes. We covered the necessary issues to prepare for the hearing. He’s going to file a writ on my recession denial. As long as he’ll help me, I have actions in getting out in the next year or two. KW told me that A requested to film the hearing. We don’t know if the prison will like it and let her in. I felt confident after the visit. No matter what happens in the parole hearing, things will be all right.

There’s a cell extraction around 11:30. It’s the first one I had witnessed. The prisoners were divided in how they feel about the extraction.

G came by to visit. He had talked to N. That’s good news. G started to visit men on Death Row. He’s writing a book about his ministry in prison.

I wrote to Yuri and let her know what happened. She’ll be happy to know that. I wrote Mom a short letter to calm her mind. I felt I was a little harsh on her in my previous letter.

I wrote to J and sent her tow support letters as examples. I wanted to jump on her about not writing a letter for me, but I decided not to. She’s insensitive in issues like that. I have to talk to her face to face about it. Since she’s moved, she might not have received my other letters.

I didn’t receive any letters. My 602 on 3355 was finally processed after the fourth time and two months later. I think my writ has something to do with it. Let’s see how they’ll like it when they have to answer to the judge.

It’s been an all right day.


It was nippy in the morning when I took some laps with R. I did what I could to screw him on staying alive.

I went to visit at around 9:20. Roger got there around 9:45. He wanted to make sure whether I’ll get transfer or not. He also talked to Mom and she’s worried as usual. She wanted to visit me before I get moved. I told Roger to help her set an appointment after my parole hearing. I have to let her see for herself that I’m all right. Time went by quickly when Roger and I got into a conversation. He’s been a good brother to me. I’m a lucky guy.

I went back to the yard after the visit. I did some exercises with C and S. It was sunny and warm. I was out of breath from not working out for four days.

I ate and took a nap after yard. Then I wrote letters to J, K, B, J, S, G and S. It took up my whole evening to write letters. I have to wait till tomorrow to submit my first lesson of Statistic. I sent J a postcard. I haven’t heard from her for a couple of weeks.

I prayed that Mom’s doing well and that she was just venting about R’s evil ways. I don’t even want to get upset over her. I hope P had a good birthday. May he be well.


I didn’t get a visiting today. Maybe Roger will be here tomorrow.

I just finished studying chapter 2 and did the exercise. I’ll be ready to do my first lesson and submit it. That will be an accomplishment. I lay around all morning and afternoon. I had a fulfilling lunch. I have plenty of letters to write, but I felt lazy. I shot my orders to the lawyer. He’ll be excited to get the good news. Hopefully things will keep getting better for all of us.

May all my loved ones be well.


There was no yard this morning due to a search in B section. I felt tired, but I couldn’t sleep. My neighbor was lonely and stressed out so he kept talking. I didn’t do much but lay around.

I was called for a visit around ten thirty. I knew it was S. She got in around eleven and stayed till 12:20. She looked fragile today. She said that it was due to some health issues. I told her what I had been doing and kept her updated. She did the same. She asked for S whether she could write to Rico and I. I told her yes, but only support letters. I know she cares and she needs support. At one point, S and I didn’t speak. We just stared at each other. I was the first to break down. It felt a little awkward because I didn’t want to give out the wrong impression. I enjoyed her presence and appreciate her support. I’m sure when we see each other in person our conversation can be more intimate and we and address some deeper issues. She’s been up to see me three out of last four weeks. I don’t want her to feel obligated.

After the visit, I was able to call home. I talked to Mom and Dad for the first time in over five months. Mom was in the shower. The line got disconnected and I was able to call back. I told them not to worry and gave them a brief update. I asked Dad to shoot some bills to my friend. My box of letters got home. Mom said Roger will come see me. Hopefully it’ll be tomorrow. Sis’ busy. Mom’s tripping on R again. I don’t’ like to hear that she’s upset over her. It was a relief to talk to them.

I received letter from B. she was going to come see me, but KW suggested that she come after the hearing. He doesn’t want to complicate things. I know he’s looking out for me, but I don’t like that. I guess I don’t have a choice for now.

M sent me a postcard. She’s busy with school, she’ll write again when she’s settled down. I got the missing page of board report from S. H is still sending me the Coastal Post. The judge ordered an informal response on the latest write I filed. That’s good for me. I hope I’ll get a favorable decision soon.

Things went well today. I hope the blessings are forth coming. I relaxed for the rest of the day. I had a dream this morning that M filed a citizen’s complaint against N for his ambush tactics. It was a good sign that things are working for me. I just want to go home so I can help Mom and Dad and make a positive impact in society.

All my relations.


Mike came and went. He went to court this morning and went back to Avenal. I didn’t get the full scope on the condition there, but it didn’t sound good. I wonder when we’ll get back together.

I was able to stay consistent in studying my statistic. I’m making progress. I should get a lesson out on Sunday night. I went to library to do research and copy.

It’s good to go for a walk and see my friend. My lawyer filed a request for extension on informal reply. Hopefully I can stay here until all issues are resolved.

After I got back to the cell, I got some mail. I received a letter from S, J, K, M, A and M. S sent some photos and gave me some news on Rico. K wrote a 6 page letter sharing her past and present with me. She’s a talker with pen. She shared some private things with me. I appreciate her trust. A wrote to check in on me. J sent a copy of his support letter and words of encouragement. M sent a letter of support. She expressed her reasoning for asking me the tough question. I was a little hard on her. M sent a support letter and a shot note. She’s busy. Her grammar is tore up like mine.

I wrote to W and sent him my support letters. I wrote to CC and sent him the extension order. I wrote to J, A and M to thank them. I received the denial of counsel from Judge A. I received the stay copies of request for counsel and the latest writ. I sent the 602 on 3335 out again.

It’s been a busy afternoon and night. I enjoyed receiving letters from friends. I hope things will get better for all of us soon.


I spent a few hours studying statistic. I’m determined to finish my first lesson this month. I know I should be writing my article and reviewing my transcript. I’m not getting my priority straight.

I received a letter from W. He’ll come see me next week. We’ll talk about strategy to approach the parole hearing. I was hoping to receive letters from friends, but I didn’t. Then later in the evening, Officer B gave me a piece of mail from B. I was thinking about her. The C/O was reading my magazine. B sent me the latest issue of Mother Jones. Surprisingly I was allowed to have it. B had a short commentary in it. She said her friend M is interested in writing about my plight. She apologized for not writing and kept in touch. It’s good to hear from her. I wrote her and gave her an update

I sent P a Bday card, not much to say. I wrote to Mom just to say hi. I heard someone called my name. It sounded too familiar. Then I realized it was Mike. He’s lay over from going to court. I don’t’ know if I’ll be able to see him. What a trip!

The day was productive. I have to work on my article. I feel pretty good.


It was nice outside after a couple of days of wet weather, more are on the way. I shot the ball around then worked out. I did some burpees and yoga. I felt pumped. I know I would be huge after I hit the gym for six months.

I was tired, but didn’t take a nap. I received a letter and a postcard from Fr. O. He wrote a support letter for me, but he didn’t have BPT’s address. F sent me a letter. I was surprised to hear from him. He wrote a detailed support letter for me. I received a letter from G. She gave me some good points to think about on my parole hearing. I’m not going to argue with her. She has her way of thinking.

I got my appeal from Sacramento on the property issue. Now I can file a writ. I got the extension notice from the A.G. on the transfer writ. I’ll have 15 days to respond. I wrote to F and sent him a couple of poems. I wrote to G and expressed my appreciation. I sent W more support letters. I wrote Fr. O and tanked him.

G dropped by. I studied statistic for a little bit. I’ll get one lesson in this month. I had an all right day. God bless me.


I slept in because I felt like I was coming down with a cold. After the rest, I felt better.

I did study my correspondence course. I want to read my first lesson in this month. So far, I’m doing well with the arithmetic part. I haven’t start on my article. I don’t feel it. Hopefully I’ll be able to write it and send it out this weekend. I know how to waste time.

I ate a lot throughout the day. I wrote a short letter to B and sent her the returned letter. I read the poem by Saul Williams again. I need to just write.

The day went by fast for a holiday. Much blessing to my family, friends, and I.


There wasn’t much to do except for read, sleep and study. I slept, read and did a little of studying. I took out Saul Williams poems and Sonja Johns’ poem to read.  They inspire me to write. I jotted down some notes. Hopefully I’ll be able to compose a poem that rhymes and invokes feelings.

The day was wasted.

Multi-Cultural Community Center (MCC)

The director of the documentary “Breathin’ The Eddy Zheng Story” Ben Wang and I promoted the trailer at the MLK building’s MCC. The event was sponsored by  Sponsors will be APASD, Asian American & Diaspora Studies Program of UC Berkeley and Professor Harvey Dong’s Asian American Studies 121 (Chinese American History.) Student interns Lauren and William emceed the event.

Although I was feeling under the weather from yesterday’s all day campaign, I appreciated the opportunity to share with many API students regarding the issues of API behind bars and deportation.

Afterward, I went by to support the Occupy Sproul Hall for a while. There’re about a thousand students on the steps sharing ideas and standing in solidarity. Police in riot gears were all over the place, while helicopter hoovered over the peaceful demonstrators.  It’s empowering to see so many students taking a stand in advocating for education.

May the movement be victorious.


I wanted to write the article and study, but I didn’t follow through. I slept after shower. I did force myself to study for a couple of hours. The statistic material is not difficult. I just can’t seem to concentrate. I want to send a lesson out this month. I know I’ll need to ask for an extension. I goofed off and start reading the newspaper. I’ll study more tomorrow.

May things be well with my family and friends. May I be triumph in my fight for freedom and legal battles.

Election Day

I spent all day working around precincts 3311 and 3329 to check in with voters and did poll check at Pier 1. The advantage of walking and working those precincts was the location was scenic. The disadvantage was I couldn’t go into the buildings to talk to voters since many of them lived in apartments. The voter turn out was low.

At the end of the day when Mayor Ed Lee had a commanding lead in the poll. The party was on at the Palace Hotel in downtown. My highlight of the night was taking a picture with MC Hammer.

Supervisor John Avalos ran a strong and honest campaign. I like that.

I’m glad the election was over. It’s time to hold the politicians accountable.


It was wet and cold in the morning, but I went to the yard anyway. It’s the first time raining on a yard day in Ad Seg. The rain stopped after a couple of hours. I shot the basketball around and walked for a while. Then I took a shower. I kicked it with C for a while. He’s the one I can talk to.

I received a letter from Yuri. She sent a short post it and the copy of support letter she wrote for me. She’s old, but she still has an alert mind.

I received a return from sender letter. It was the letter I sent to B. She changed address. I’ll try again.

I read the rest of the night and didn’t do much. I went to sleep early. I wasn’t motivated.

29 – 21 = 8

I feel like putting some things in perspective:

29 is the number of years I have been in the United States of America.

21 is the number of years I have been in prison and immigration detention.

8 is the number of years I have been outside in the “free world.”



I came to America twenty years ago today. I spent sixteen of those twenty years in prison. I hope I’ll get a chance to spend some time on the outside.

There’s a storm out there and I wasn’t aware of it until G told me. He dropped by and gave me an update on the latest. The Republicans won big during the election. Gray Davis got elected for his second term. Maybe things will get better with the parole situation.

I went to the library and made some copies. I sent KW my support letters and board report. He wrote and said he’ll come see me.

I wrote to Yuri, A and P. I sent P a copy of the matrix article. Mail won’t go out until Monday night since Monday is a holiday. I sent the lawyer a note and the appeal. He sent me a copy of the writ on my mail, Ad Seg retention and appeal issues. Hopefully things will get right. I want to write the article and study my correspondence material.

May the spirit help me and guide me.


I slept half of the morning away. I planned to write an article about my Ad Seg situation and sort out my legal work. I was only able to organize my legal work. I have a lot of extra copies of my appeals and court orders. They will be useful as exhibits.

I received a card form Rev. K. He sent me a poem Abel. Apparently he uses his poetry to spread the gospel is reaching people.

I got my rejection back from 2nd level on my legal deadline issue. I didn’t write to anyone. I went to sleep early.


Counselor S delivered my board report to me. She said it was late being done. One of the pages was missing. I wrote to her and asked for a copy. It was an all right report because the 115 will hurt me.

I received a letter from G. She responded to some of my questions. I didn’t like her comments as usual. She doesn’t want to help me the way I wanted her to. Now, I will not ask her again for advice. She did it out of concern, but I still don’t like her logic. I wrote her a long letter to let her know how I felt. She was on vacation for a couple of weeks. That’s why I didn’t hear from her.

I wrote to KW about my update and asked him to come see me. My lawyer sent me some copies. He’ll take care of business. I appreciate that.

I worked out with C and felt pumped. I read for a while. My eyes are red. I will finish the book tonight.

Tomorrow I will organize my legal works. The day went by fast. I wish my family and friends well. May I be home soon.


I spent all day reading the Kung Fu series. It’s addictive. I’d probably read the story four times, but I don’t want to put the book down.

I wrote a letter to J and told her about Jing Yong’s books. It was another day of reading.


I couldn’t help but notice that I was on the yard with six African Americans. I was able to get along with them as usual. I shot the basketball for a while. Then I did yoga and legs with C. It’s helpful to have a workout partner. I need to get my joints well.

I read the Kung Fu novel and my eyes got red. It’s addicting. I stopped myself so I could write some letters. I wrote to KW, G, Mom, Sis and S. I wanted to write more, but ran out of time. I will have to get busy with the correspondence course.

I’m taking things one day at a time.


If I use the same energy and commitment in reading Jin Yong’s Kung Fu novels in studying, I’ll be in good shape with my studies. I spent all day reading Jin Yong’s novel “The shooting Eagle Heroes.” I’ve probably read it about five times yet it’s never boring. That’s the power of awesome writing. My eyes are tired from reading so much.

I had a good chat with S. I got him thinking.

I enjoyed the day of relaxation. I have to get to work soon. I ask for blessings from Mother Teresa and all good spirits.


It’s the first of the month. As expected I was notified that I had a visit at 11. I went to the yard and did some burpees with CK. He couldn’t hang with me. We warmed up with some yoga exercises and warmed down with them. I had a decent sweat. It could’ve been better. I took a shower and was ready for the visit.

Officer D and I chatted for a little. He’s will to write a character reference letter for me. I’ll see if that’ll be helpful. If not, it’s the thought that counted.

S came by on time. She’s looking energized. We talked about how I was doing before we got into the good news. The hearing went successfully on the substitution for attorney. Yuri was there and had a chance to meet Mike from a distance. S talked to her for an hour or so. She’s impressed with Yuri. We got to talk about more personal things dealing with our connections, our changes in politic, but not in specific detail. We’re on the same wavelength in many areas of our thinking. She’s doing her best to help us. I know that we’ll get deeper into our feelings in more opportune time and environments. I’m grateful for her friendship. She left around 12:40.

I received a letter from KW saying that a counselor called him and informed him that my transfer referral was postponed until after my parole hearing. That means I’ll be here for another month. It also means that I’m being held illegally in Ad Seg. I wrote to the lawyer and asked his input.

I got some Chinese books and magazines on different topics. I’m set on reading materials as usual. I’ll be hooked on the Chinese Ku Fu novels for a few days. I hope some good news will go this month and I’ll be out of here. God willing.