I did my best to study statistic, but I didn’t make much progress.

I had a delicious lunch with what little ingredients I had. I went to the library and got some work done. I got the form to ask for appointed counsel. I sent it to the Marin Court. S sent it to the A.G. for me. I sent CC a copy.

I received the stamped copy of the writ on transfer retaliation today. I also received the rejection from the Court of Appeal. That wasn’t pleasant at all. I sent it to the lawyer. Hopefully I can appeal it again. Things have to get better.

Mike’s hearing was this morning. Hopefully he had some good news. It’s been a tiring day.

I didn’t get any mail from friends. I wonder what’s up with B. I hope S will visit tomorrow. It’ll be good for me. I have to stay around for another month. I hope I’ll be back to the mainline soon.

May all my friends and family be safe and healthy.

Lake Merritt Dragon Boat fun

I noticed that somehow I missed a day on October 30, 2002 as I’m typing up today’s journal entry. I didn’t write anything.

However, October 30, 2011 is fun and tiring. The CYC adult dragon boat team Arms of Fury raced at Lake Merritt, Oakland. People were into the Dragon Boat and Halloween spirit. Though we didn’t win first place in all of our three races, we did win first in the novice division. The team did its best. We had fun in the sun. It’s a healthy way to spend time with friends and meet new people. We will be ready for next year’s International Dragon Boat race.


My lower back and my knees are hurting. I need to do some exercise that will heal my body. I shouldn’t play basketball for a while. It was sunny out. I had a couple of conversations with guys on the yard. I talked to L about his rights as a prisoner. He thought that he doesn’t have any rights. That’s the way most prisoners think. Therefore, their rights are being violated constantly. I played a couple of games of basketball to get a sweat.

I had a hefty lunch. G came by around two thirty. We talked about Restorative Justice. I want to learn more about it so I can talk to the youth about it.

I received a letter from M. she asked me whether I know what I did was wrong with the instant offense. I felt ashamed and offended at the same time. I couldn’t believe she asked that question. I wrote her and expressed how I felt. She’s going to think deeply on my thoughts. I wrote to K about my family, her resentment toward her father and sent her a poem. I hope she won’t trip on me being nosey.

I received two letters from W. He wrote a letter to the warden about my 115 and 602 on transfer. I don’t think I’ll get transfer because of my parole hearing. I signed two authorization forms and sent them to W.

I got an Order for Informal Response from Judge VA on the writ the lawyer filed. We all got the same judge. Hopefully things will start to go our way.

I just might end up back on the mainline. I just want to go home. I took an Aspirin for my pain. I wrote to C and told him what happened.

May my family and friends be well and happy. May we triumph.


I wanted to study, but couldn’t concentrate. I reviewed my notes. I’m talking too long. I didn’t do much, but read.

I got a letter from K. she told me all about her childhood and family history. She’s honest and expressive. I like that about her. I appreciate her intimate sharing.  I wrote her a brief letter and sent her my essay “It’s a Shame.” I got a card from K. She changed her last name. I should get some wedding pictures from her soon. Mom’s letter got here. I know she wrote. I wrote her another letter and practiced my Chinese.

I got some stamps and canteen. My body is aching. I need to do some serious healing. I wrote a letter to G, since I haven’t heard from her. She’s a trip. I didn’t receive any legal mail. I wonder what happened.

Another day is gone. I’m still here.


It was sunny out, but it didn’t get warm until noon. I didn’t even know the change of daylight saving. I did some burpes with C and taught him some yoga. I felt good.

I ate a meat log and rice for lunch. I indulged myself. The rest of the day went by quickly. I wrote to S and sent her my poems. She’ll share them with my friends. I wrote to Mom and gave her an update. I wrote to Peg and thanked her for the support letter

I got lazy and went to bed early.


It’s a lazy day for me. I slept, ate, read and that was it. I planned to study, but I didn’t. I finished a Chinese love novel and copied down some Chinese words. I need discipline in my life.


It was not as cold as it was expected. I went to the yard and enjoyed my exercise time. There were 6 other people on the yard, all Black. Blu was transferred in the morning. I don’t know where he went. Mike and Rico were transferred to their respected prisons. I’m still waiting. I talked to EH for a while about Corcoran prison. Then I talked to Officer D. He’s sympathetic about my parole situation. At around nine-thirty I was called for a visit. It was a surprise as usual.

S came visit me bearing good news. She’s raising awareness and generating support for us. She had contacted a couple of friends I know and they sent their support. I got excited from listening to her accomplishments in getting support. Things are moving in a good direction. I appreciate her help and for being a great friend. The hour went away quickly. I asked her to find a lawyer to help us with the civil rights lawsuit. She said she’ll be back next Friday if I’m still here. I can’t wait. She said June Jordan died last year. I didn’t even know. J took over Poetry for the People in Berkeley. He’s an awesome poet. I asked her to push me and Mike to write more.

I received a letter from P. She sent some photos and a copy of her support letter. I appreciate her support I read newspapers all day.


It’s freezing in the cell. The cold wind from the bay is seeping through walls. I got my thermals on and still feel cold. I wanted to sleep in, but I didn’t. I did a short workout, took a shower and read the newspaper.

Mr. K came by to check on me. He’s doing what he can to encourage me. He suggested that I should lay low and try to get out. He said I should let other people to do the work now. I told him that I was recommended for SATF. He said he just came from there a few days ago. He gave me the CCII’s name if I get there. I don’t mind going there after he described the place. We’ll see.

I got a postcard from CC. He congratulated me on my appeal. I didn’t receive any letters. I wrote to J because I couldn’t concentrate on studying. I need to get focus. I’m resting early tonight.


It was breezing this morning. My body was cold even with two blankets. Mike woke me up early and told me he’s leaving. I was half asleep. All I said was, “again?” Officer G came by and said he went to Avenal. It’s not a mistake this time. His property is still en route. Mike should be on the mainline in Avenal. I didn’t feel emotional when he left. I got used to the separation from friends. I’m numb.

I wanted to study my correspondence course, but I ended up wasting all morning doing nothing.

C/O H took me to the ISU (Investigative Service Unit) office. I thought it was a set up. Sgt. M got my letters and wanted to show me my property. they still want to look at them before they return to me. I wrote a declaration. N was in the room, but he didn’t say anything.

I saw ET and told him to stay strong. I wrote a letter to Mike’s parents and let them know he’s transferred. I sent them a poem I wrote for Mom. I sent a letter to CC. I received a letter from Anmol telling me he’s scheduled to visit. The envelop was torn. Someone read the letter a second time. I wrote him back and sent him the 3250 section. I got a letter from J. She’s been thinking over her relationship with her partner. It’s not going to work out. I wrote her back and gave her my take. I wrote to A and gave her an update.

I got my log number on the 115 appeal. I received my appeal on the custody citizen complain from second level. I’ll send it to the third level.

I connected with Tim, a Black and Italian guy. I got my stamps from the mail. I should have more coming.

I’m relaxed. My body is hurting, especially the joints. I’ll be tore up when I get older. May my family and friends be well.



It was cold outside. I played a couple games of basketball and did some leg exercises. I showered with the wind blowing. Now my nose is stuffy. Mike came out to the yard. It was good to see him. He told me what’d happened with his transfer. He was on mainline for a day. they definitely screwed up with him. Somebody will pay for the mistake. He was supposed to move back down to second tier, but it didn’t happen.

I went to library to make some copies. I talked to Stephen briefly. Nothings new. He’s doing what he can. I seen the Lawyer a letter to give him an update. I asked a condemned guy name R to give a message to Yuri’s nephew. Hopefully he’ll respond. I talked to Mr. J for a minute. He’s doing his usual thing.

I received a letter from A and S. they both sent support letters. A has been busy. she’s doing what she can to help me. I asked her to get me a lawyer to help me with the Ad Seg issue. I told her to get together with Yuri. S will help, but she doesn’t agree with some of the issues with J. I’m not tripping on that. We’re focusing on the violation of First Amendment right. Let’s see what they can do.

I sent 3 of my 602s in again. Let’s see how Mrs. D is going to respond. I gave S a magazine. He’ll help me to make it work. Blu talked with me for a while. We shared some laughs.

I hope things will turn in our favor soon.


My boday’s sored from yesterday’s workout. I feel like I’m getting a cold. My nose is a little stuffy. I took a shower and lied down in bed.

Mike moved back in the section. He went to 4C48 (Fourth tier, Carson section, cell 48) temporarily. He asked me to write to CC and let him know he’s back. He must not have any stamps or writing material. I don’t know what’s the story behind all the charges with him. Hopefully I’ll see him tomorrow.

I did some brainstorming on the visiting program with A. I was going to study, but got distracted.

G dropped by to say hi. I asked him to talk to N for me. G told a racist joke. I laughed. Now I know why the lawyer said he’s a racist.

I got a letter from C and R. they both sent me copies of their support letters. C did a good job. I wrote her back and gave her an update. I wrote to R to thank him. I wrote to S and updated on our situation. I want to make sure he had received my letter. I wrote to CC and gave him the latest. The mail’s been late 13 days. I hope I’ll received more support letters from A and others.

Uso hooked me up. I hope I’ll be here on the mainline than somewhere else. I don’t mind starting fresh in Solano, as long as it’s closer to the Bay. I have to have faith that things will work out.


My body’s sored from yesterday’s workout. I feel like I’m getting a cold. My nose is a little stuffy. I took a shower and lied down in bed.

Mike moved back in the section. He went to 4C48 temporarily. He asked me to write to CC and let him know he’s back. He must not have any stamps or writing material. I don’t know what’s the story behind all the charges with him. Hopefully I’ll see him tomorrow.

I did some brainstorming on the visiting program with A. I was going to study, but got distracted.

G dropped by to say hi. I asked him to talk to N for me. G told a racist joke. I laughed. Now I know why the lawyer said he’s a racist.

I got a letter from C and R. they both sent me copies of their support letters. C did a good job. I wrote her back and gave her an update. I wrote to R to thank him. I wrote to S and updated on our situation. I want to make sure he had received my letter. I wrote to CC and gave him the latest. The mail’s been late 13 days. I hope I’ll received more support letters from A and others.

Uso hooked me up. I hope I’ll be here on the mainline than somewhere else. I don’t mind starting fresh in Solano, as long as it’s closer to the Bay. I have to have faith that things will work out.


The mornings have been cold this week. It takes longer for my bones and joints to warm up. I talked to Blu on the yard for a while. He was upset about the way the East Block Officer treated him. Really he was dealing with his two denials. Who can blame him after being in prison for 34 years? I did my best to counsel him. C helped me out with some “stamps.” I played one on one with H. Then I exercised with C. I felt pumped. I need to do more workouts.

Mike said hi briefly when he went to shower. He’s in 4D18 and wanted to move back here.

I wrote to Anmol, Yuri, J and G. I sent G the 3250 section so she can see the rule herself. I wrote short letters to the other folks. I read the old newspaper in the afternoon.

I still need to do my correspondence course. I ate a lot during the day. I had oatmeal for breakfast. It was delicious.

Another day, another new beginning.

Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People’s Movement, L.A. Conference

On Wednesday, November 2, 2011 in Los Angeles, formerly-incarcerated and convicted people, and our allies, from all over the United States will convene to discuss and ratify a National Agenda to restore our civil and human rights. We believe that unity of purpose will allow us to build political power. Many of us are already working on similar campaigns, to achieve the same demands. After November 2, we hope to organize and mobilize other people who have suffered at the hands of the criminal justice system to stand up for our rights around the country. After November 2, we plan to mount unified national campaigns to register voters, to end all forms of discrimination based on arrest or conviction records, to support the human rights of people locked up in cages, and to serve our families and communities.

PLEASE REGISTER NOW to attend the November 2 conference in Los Angeles.

There is no registration fee and no deadline for registering, but please register now so we can plan for food and reserve housing in advance.

Our conference will begin with breakfast at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 2, and the convening starting at 9 a.m. in Freedom Hall at the Watts Labor Community Action Center (WLAC) in South Central Los Angeles (10850 South Central Avenue).

TRAVEL and HOUSING: The November 2 convening is 100% self-financed. We have received no grant money so far to organize this event, so we hope everyone will be able to fund-raise for expenses, which we are trying to keep low. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships available for travel or housing for the November 2 convening. If you’re coming from out of town, please plan to travel the day before (November 1). Housing for the night of November 1 will be available near WLCAC at rates of $59-$69 for a double room. Rooms for that night will also be available at the the Westin Bonaventure, in downtown Los Angeles at DPA conference rates — $140 per room for double occupancy rooms.

Advancing Justice Conference 2011, Speaker

APIs Behind Bars – Incarceration and Immigration Detention

Date: Thursday, October 27th
Time: 2:30pm-4:00pm
Place: Spring B
Workshop Track: Civil & Human Rights

Immigrants are the fastest growing population of prisoners in today’s prison system. Sixty-five percent of API prisoners in California are immigrants and refugees. The growth of the prison industrial complex has paralleled a surge in deportations and immigration detention resulting in a disastrous impact on API communities. The Obama administration has prioritized deporting immigrants with criminal convictions. Since 1996, Congress has stripped away the rights of immigrants with criminal convictions by eliminating certain discretionary waivers, subjecting individuals to indefinite detention, expanded the definition of an “aggravated felony,” and removed judicial review and discretion from Judges.

Programs like Secured Communities aimed at attrition through enforcement result in more immigrants in jail while racially profiling anyone who appears to be undocumented.

How does the immigrant detention issue reshape how we think about the prison system and racial profiling of people of color?

How will the overcrowding crisis in California’s prison system affect the immigration detention system?

What is the impact on the API community as the Obama administration deports a record number of immigrants?

Advancing Justice Conference flyer


There was no hot water, but I showered anyway. I was told that I had a visit at 11. I felt mellow after I got up. Then I was told Mike’s back in Donner section. The transfer was an error. I was happy that he’s back even though I couldn’t see him. I don’t know what happened.

I didn’t know who’s coming to see me. It’s a surprise as usual. I went to the visiting room at ten til eleven. As I was sitting for a while, Yuri and Anmol showered up. They got there about 11:20. The guard gave them a bunch of hassle because of Yuri’s walker. Yuri was in a wheelchair. Then she got up and sat in the regular chair. Anmol said hi and gave Yuri the phone. She was all smiling and told me how highly people thought of me. She’s very tiny and frail. I had wanted to see her for a while. Finally, she’s in front of me. I thought I would be overcome with emotion once I see her, but I didn’t. Our conversation and gestures were so natural that it’s like we’ve been friends for the longest. She had a difficult time hearing me. I had to yell. Anmol and her took turns to talk to me. We didn’t have too much time. Yuri told me that her advisor from UCLA loved my poem and will print it in a journal. She asked if I could talk to his nephew EN, who’s on Death Row. He’s been in since he’s 19. His family disowned him and he wanted to die. I told her I’ll try to get a message to him. We talked a little about transfer, parole and the Ad Seg situation. She’s concerned. She wanted me to go to Vacaville because U.C. Davis’ Asian students wan to start an Asian Studies program. She’s not award of the running of the prison. She said that I’m a good writer and encouraged me to write and publish a book. I was flattered. Anmol and I talked a bit about my Ad Seg situation. He expressed his anger about what S did to jeopardize us in prison. He hasn’t talk to her since. I understand what Mo felt, but I told him to support her. I didn’t want to talk too much about it then. We’ll have a chance to air it out next time. They haven’t written support letters for me yet, but they’ll do it asap. Our visit was cut short. The officer and Sergeant were not accommodating. I did my best to stall. I don’t’ know when I’ll see them again. We need some quality time together. I appreciate Anmol for bringing her up to see me.

I received my canteen order today. I have plenty of food. The rest of the day I rested and read. I didn’t feel like doing anything else.

I was great to see Yuri. Today will be a memorable day for me. May Yuri be healthy and continue to be an inspiration in fighting for justice.


Parting of friends is the theme for this week. I haven’t got a chance to miss mike’s departure to Solano yesterday. Then Rico left this afternoon. This morning I was out with Rico talking about Mike’s transfer. We were saying how Mike would be able to watch the World Series. We played a couple games of 3 on 3. We showered and kicked it for a while. We didn’t think that he would leave today. The cop told him to pack his property right before dinner. Right after dinner he was transferred. He stopped by to say good bye. I knew it was a relief for Rico because he’s ready to move on.

After he left I felt alone. I went through a few minutes of emotional changes. It was too sudden when he told me that he’s leaving. I kept myself busy so I didn’t have to deal with the fear of loneliness. I almost cry. I’ll miss Rico.

I received a letter from OIG (Office of the Inspector General.) It denied my allegation that the San Quentin administration violated my rights. They all worked together. I’ll have to win it in the court.

Blu was denied 2 years at the BPT yesterday. He had a visit and didn’t want to come out to the yard. I hope he’ll stay strong and keep on fighting.

I read tabloid paper to take my mind away from the reality. I couldn’t help but thought about the fact that I might end up in SATF soon. I have no control of the situation. I said a few prayers for Mike, Rico and myself, my family and friends. Hopefully things will work out for me.

My priority is to go home, God willing. It’s solo from now on.


I was tossing and turning when Mike woke me up in the morning. He guessed it right. He was transferred to Solano prison. He left me his goodies and books. I said a prayer for him. I’ll miss him, but was glad that he moved on. At least he’s not in the hole now. Rico thought I was leaving also.

Counselor S gave me my Olson review, hearing notice and updated my board report. She asked me to write out my version of the instant offense. I’ll give it to her tomorrow.

I found out that I was put up for transfer to a prison next to Corcoran “SATF” (Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.) I hope that doesn’t happen.

I wrote to KW, CC and G about it. I asked KW and CC to write a letter to CSR for me. I don’t mind going to Solano. I wrote to M, J, S, and B. I asked J to write a support letter for me. I told everyone about my pending transfer. I sent the letter out to Mike’s parents and his 602 out. I wrote my version of the crime.

I ate a lot today. A part of me wants to move on, but I don’t want to go anywhere down south. It’s too far from the family. I just have to trust that things will go through for me in court. Gods bless me.


It’s unusual, but the administration made sure that I went to my ICC for transfer recommendation. I didn’t asked many questions and submitted my opposing statement. I wasn’t feeling up.

I made lunch after I got back. It was strange being in Death Row Bay side.

I received a letter from K. She got the plan she wanted. I wrote her back. I got a letter from W and I wrote him back and sent him my statement to oppose transfer. I got a letter from Wilma Chan. She brushed me off. I wrote her back and asked her to call or write to OIG (Office of the Inspector General) for an investigation.

I got a notice that M’s approved to visit. I wrote her and sent her the copy. ML was denied. I wrote her and forgot to send her another visiting form. The mailroom just now sent my book back to K.

The appeals coordinator D screened out two of my appeals.

Mike got good news. He’s going to a hearing on 10/3/02. I hope he’ll get some action from the courts soon. Lawyer helped me out. He’s very supportive and enthusiastic. I pray that he’s right.

I got my stamped copy of the writ from Courts of Appeal. I felt better as I the day went on. My fingers were hurting this morning. I hope all is well with my family and friends.


Happy B-day to Dad and J! I will be there to celebrate Dad’s 70th B-day.

It was cold this morning. I walked around with Rico for a while. My knees were locking up on me. Mike and I played a couple of games and won against two brothers. I need to start to take care of my body more.

G came by. We chatted for a while. Mike went to library and made copies for me.

I’m tired. I got a letter from Mom. She talked to J. Sis is on business until 10/31. I wrote to Fr. M and K. I sent my 602 on 3335 for the third time.

Another day is gone. I await letters from my friends.

All Eyes on Dad

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Larry, happy birthday to you.” The entire Champa Garden restaurant sang the song for my Dad before he blew out the candle on the cake. It’s his 78th birthday tomorrow. I figured I didn’t have anything to loose by asking the patrons to sing along with me. Dad stood up and thanked everyone after the song. I wondered how he felt inside.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to celebrate another birthday with my Dad. It’s my fifth birthday celebration with him since I’ve been out in the free world. There was a time when I feared I would l not be able to see my parents alive.

Life is good.


I slept in after reading the Sun mag. I did my letter writing in the afternoon and at night. I wrote to PLO’s W and sent him my appeal on the 115. I sent the letter to G with the adjudication. I wrote to Sis and Mom to give them an update. I sent a B-day card to S. I wrote to J. I don’t really have much to say. I could’ve done better. I wrote my statement to oppose the transfer to CSR. I’m ready.

The day went by not too slow, not too fast. Giants is going to the World Series.


It was good to be around friends and talk. Mike and I played a couple of basketball games. We won despite poor shootings. That was my exercise and I warmed down with yoga.

The rest of the day I rested and read. I didn’t feel like doing anything else. Mike, Rico and I will be going our separate ways soon. I will miss them. We’ll meet up again on the streets, I hope.


I slept in this morning, it’s not like I had anywhere to go. I did some reading and lay around. E gave me a little bit of my property. I mainly got my stamps and some paperwork and some song lyrics. I got enough to keep me busy in the cell.

I got my appeal on the 115. The lawyer took care of business. I wrote to G and expressed how I felt about her comments on delusion and self-aggrandizement.

I got more cases to read and discuss with Mike. Rico gave me a letter from NM, who’s been working on prison reform issues. I read McQuillion’s case again and I hope it will stand.

Today is K’s wedding. I know she’s having a blast. May she be happy.


Always remember to exercise my rights unless it serves no practical purpose. I was supposed to go to ICC at 11:50am, but I didn’t go until 1:10pm. I was able to go to the yard. CCI D messed up by serving me the 72 hour notice late. When I did go the ICC, Associate Warden W said I’m being put up for transfer. I was not aware that the ICC was for transfer so I asked to be given notice so I can prepare myself. They tried hard to coerce me to continue with the hearing. I insisted that I be allowed my due process. W broke down and rescheduled me for ICC on Wednesday. I’ll be ready.

Rico, Mike and I played a few games of 21. We had fun.

I received a package from J. She sent me two magazines and a collection of stamps of the 12 animal signs. She’s very thoughtful. It cost her 128 yuan. She’s a great friend. I know we’ll be tight for life.

I received G’s letter with the McQuillion case. She sent it priority, but she wrote the wrong zip code so it was delayed. She cautioned me to be coo with the committee and self-aggrandizement. I disagree with her. I appreciate her support, but not her thinking. I’ll get back at her.

Tomorrow is K’s wedding. May she be happy and have a long lasting marriage.


It’s been a busy and productive day. I read up on the Title 15 and wrote a statement to prepare for my ICC. It’ll be interesting to see what ICC elects to do with me tomorrow.

I got all my legal materials together and sent it to the lawyer. He took care of business for me. I also sent my adjudication and defense statement to PLO’s W. I went to the library and made copies and did researches. I read the report from the Daily Journal on the result of Rosenkranz’s oral argument. It didn’t look good. We’ll see the decision in 90 days.

I saw B and said hello. I said hi to the fellas.

I received a letter from S. It’s a pleasant surprise. I wrote him back and told him what’s up. I got a note from CC. He’ll send the legal letters next week. I received October’s Coastal Journal. H has been consistent.

I got my 602 on 3135 back again. The appeal’s coordinator is playing games. I sent it back again.

I sent a B-day card to J and Dad.

Rico and I talked for a while. Hopefully he won’t get transfer. I feel tired. Things are looking up again. It’s time to win.


I didn’t feel like doing much today. My plan usually doesn’t work accordingly because I’m too spontaneous. I started reading the Capoeira book. I thought about N. she went to Brazil to study that art.

I made myself a fulfilling lunch.

The day just moved on by. I didn’t receive my letters. I wrote to CC about my Marin case. I sent my 602 in on 3339 violation. I couldn’t get my paperwork out to the lawyer. I thought about being on my own without any help from anyone on my legal stuff. I’ll have to study things myself. I don’t know how much discipline I’ll have. I just have to go with the flow as usual.

I don’t want to think too much about the unknown.



Things are looking up. I received the First Appellate District’s decision granting another look at my OSC (Order to Show Cause) in Marin County. This time I’ll get appointed counsel. Hopefully I’ll get an evidentiary hearing.

I got a letter from PLO’s W about my parole hearing. He has been better in keeping a line of communication with me. I wrote him back and gave him an update. I got a letter from Senator Boxer’s Director of Constituent Service. He forwarded my letter to senator Burton stating my issues are State issues. I wrote him back saying they’re federal issues since it deals with the First Amendment right.

I received a letter from O in Hong Kong, P, M and a postcard from Fr. O. P wrote a short support letter for me. I wrote her back and tanked her. M wrote a form letter. She’ll be moving to Sonoma in December. I wrote O and asked her to write a support letter for me. She thinks highly of me. She is a good friend who I haven’t met.

It’s sunny outside. We shot the ball around and did pushups. Blu and I mediated for  15 minutes. I enjoyed the time outside.

Fr. P and G dropped by briefly to say hi. I got my 72 hour notice for Ad Seg review on Friday. Then I got my Capoeira book from the Property Officer. I look forward to reading it.

I got my 115 adjudication from Officer G. It was a day later than the written date. I was found guilty for 3005 because of 3250. I’ll win in appeal. The whole 115 was a joke.

I received my Sun magazine. Plenty to read. I sent the congratulation card to R. It’s been an active and productive day. I wrote a letter to Fr. O so he can use as a model form support letter.

I hope things will eventually work in our favor. Thank the good spirit for my blessings.


Whenever I start to think about the length of time that I have to stay in solitary, I feel a sense of depression. I always catch myself from lingering too long in those moments.

I make it a point to study my correspondence course. I did a couple of hours of studying and it was worth it. I need to keep it up and finish my commitment.

A wrote and sent me a couple of articles. He’s not a good correspondent, but I appreciate his support. I wrote him back and gave him a brief feedback. I hope to see him and Yuri this weekend.

Rev. K sent me his support letter. He asked other priests to write support letters for me. He also shared my article with others. It’s good to know that I could count on him.

I got two 602s back. They were screened out, but I resubmitted. I still haven’t got my adjudication back. The administration is playing games with me. I also haven’t heard about my parole hearing status. I should be getting some support letters from friends.

I hope and hope that things are getting better for me and my friends. If it’s time to move on, it’s time.


It was beautiful outdoor. The weather was warmed and sunny. Mike, Rico and Blue and I walked and talked about Richard Moore’s article in Whole Earth, “Escaping the Matrix.” Mike did the reviewing of the article. Rico was not in tune with the political concepts and lingos. Mike used layman’s term to explain them. I learned and understood more about the different points after listening to Mike. I read the article again afterward. It’s an excellent article about matrix reality and reality of the imperialistic system. We played 21 after the discussion. It was a good way to spend our time.

I rested a little in the afternoon. I read. Then I wrote a letter to G. I asked her to answer to my tow requests. Hopefully she’ll say yes, but I doubt it. I wrote to SL in Green Gulch. I asked him to write a support letter for me. It’s a long shot, but I have nothing to lose.

My left ear has been bothering me. It closed off on me sometimes so I couldn’t hear. Another day is gone. I need to study my Statistic material. I don’t want to get behind too much. There’s always something new happening. I hope all my loved ones are well.

Good Busy

It’s been non-stop since my return from Arizona.

I had to get up at 7am to prepare for a mediation that takes place at a high school at 9am. I went to the store to buy donuts and orange juice for the students and their parents. Luckily, my coworkers were extremely generous in driving me and Mike across the bridge so I can pick up the agency van and drive to the school.

However, I was supposed to stay home until my immigration Case Worker from the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP) come check in with me. I wasn’t supposed to leave the house until that person came. I attempted to inform the Case Worker of my schedule yesterday, but receive no response. I missed my appointment so I can go conduct the mediation that could escalate to violence if it’s not resolved.

After I helped facilitating the mediation with 20 or so Asian and African American students, their parents, member of the school faculty, members of Community Based Organizations, and School Resource Officers, I went to the ISAP office to report.

Then I headed over to the Bayview Opera House to provide translation at the Young Community Developers (YCD) job fair. In the meantime, I missed two other meetings that took place all around the same time.

After the job fair, I went to the Bayview Youth Advocate office to help with the multi-cultural youth leadership workshop. By the time I got into the CYC office to return the van key, it’s already 6:25pm.

I haven’t had time to check the 35 emails I received. What a day! (I would rather have a busy day like today than the day I had 9 years ago today in solitary confinement.)


A day of rest. A day of reading.


Mike and Rico went to classification and were put up for transfer. They’ll be out of here once the CSR endorses them. That could be within the next couple of weeks. I’ll be here for a couple of more months since I’m going to my parole hearing in December. I’m making decisions for myself and I don’t know how things will turn out. I just have to wait and see.

I played some basketball with Rico. I had a nose bleed after the Black guy hit me on the nose. I had an all right sweat.

K sent me a copy of the support letter she wrote. It’s good. I appreciate her for handling business. She’s anxious and nervous about the wedding next week. She’s moving onto another chapter of her life.

I read for the rest of the day. I finished “Pop Goes the Weasel” and the Whole Earth article on Matrix vs. Reality. I hope things will get better for me.

Be the Change Within

It’s been a pleasure to be a guest lecturer at Arizona State University. I’m grateful for the invitation from professor Jeff Ow, Wendy Cheng and Kathy Nakagawa from the Asian Pacific American Studies to allow me to kickoff the second annual National Ethnic Studies week in ASU. I was able to share with approximately 300 students from all diverse backgrounds. I was encouraged by some of their presence.

I’m also grateful for the presence of my host, tour guide, photographer, bodyguard and chauffeur Bryan Smith and his lovely wife Alison for their generosity and hospitality. It’s great to have good friends in difference places.


When it comes to visiting in the Ad Seg, the person(s) come to visit is/are always a surprise. I never know who’s coming to see me until I see the person. I was called for a visit at eleven o’clock. It’s Thursday. Most of my friends work on weekdays so I had no idea who’s coming to see me. I was glad none the less. I didn’t have to wait long to find out who came up. S surprised me. I didn’t recognized her from a distant. She was much calmer than the S I remember. It’s been three years since the last time we talked or saw each other. We had a great visit. We talked about many topics: personal, politic, education, prison, etc. I felt we’re old friends. Somehow, we were able to visit for two hours and twenty minutes. The Officer must’ve forgotten about us. I loved it. I wrote S and sent her my poem, the proposal letter to politicians and guideline to write support letters. I appreciate her friendship. I asked her to visit Mike. She’s doing well.

I received the wedding invitation from K. I hope she’ll be happy. I got two letters from J. she’s a good and detailed story teller. She shared pretty much everything with me. Her partner is jealous of me because we write to each other often and in great volume. I wrote her back and sent her the 9th circuit decision. She’ll be back in April.

I wrote B a brief letter to thank her and V for their support. I wrote PLO W and told him I will go forward with the hearing. I also asked him to confirm his role as my attorney. I know he don’t like my decision, but I have to call the shots this time. I still don’t trust him completely. I’ll fire him if necessary.

I pray that things will work out for Rico and Mike tomorrow. Rico received a response from Barbara Lee. She forwarded the letter to Senator Prerata. Hopefully he’ll look into the situation with us.

May our families and friends are well.

Be the Change Within, Guest Lecturer

October 1-7 is National Ethnic Studies Week and the School of Social Transformation invites the ASU community to a lecture on October 3 and a teach-in/panel discussion on October 6 to mark the occasion.

ASU Be the Change Within 2011

Activist, community organizer, and former prisoner Eddy Zheng will speak about his experiences and perspectives concerning youth, education, immigration, and the prison industrial complex, as well as coming into political consciousness while reading ethnic studies texts behind bars.

Eddy Zheng is a Chinese immigrant who spent 21 years of his life in prison for crimes he committed at the age of 16. Since his return to the free world, Eddy has dedicated his life to serving the youth and communities of the greater Bay Area. Currently Eddy is a Project Manager with the Community Youth Center of San Francisco. He is a Mayor Appointee of the San Francisco Reentry Council, a member of the board of directors for the San Francisco’s Neighborhood Vision Project, a national advisory board member of the Asian American Law Journal, a member of the Community Police Advisory Board, and the co-chair of Asian Prisoners Support Committee, based in Oakland. Eddy led a book project that culminated in the publication of Other: An Asian and Pacific Islander Prisoners’ Anthology and is the subject of a forthcoming documentary, “Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story.” He hopes to use his experiences to inspire and motivate young people to invest in their education, raise awareness about the detrimental impact that the prison industrial complex has on the Asian and Pacific Islander population, and promote racial harmony among people of color.

The talk will be introduced by Jeffrey Ow, lecturer in Asian Pacific American Studies in the School of Social Transformation.

Organized by Jeffrey Ow and Wendy Cheng

For more information, contact Professor Wendy Cheng.

Event Details

Monday, October 3, 2011
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Arizona State University
Tempe Campus
West Hall 135
Tempe, AZ 


As expected, G showed up to visit. I got out around 11. The hour and a half visit went by quickly. We talked about my Ad Seg situation and parole hearing strategy. She agreed that I should go forward with the hearing. We didn’t agree on other issues. I didn’t like the way she shot my plan down on raising awareness and organizing a support committee. I don’t like her imposing ways. I know that she have my best interest at heart, but that doesn’t mean she’s right. We didn’t get to talk about regular stuff much. She had to visit with Mike.

I saw V, New York and uso on my way to the library. I couldn’t talk to all of them.

I made lunch as planned. It was good. Mike got his after his visit.

I wrote to G and expressed how I felt about our visit. I asked her to ask my Mom to send Mek some compensation. Say wrote me so I wrote him back. He’s living dangerously out there.

I had to check my neighbor cause he made threats and acted tough. But he’s a coward. He apologized to me and broke down.

I read US magazines to pass time. I didn’t do much. It’s been an eventful day.


It was cold this morning on the yard. I didn’t feel like working out until it got warmed. Blu talked all day about his situation. We listened and tried to pick up pointers. We had a good time.

I was tired after yard. I wrote to the Inspector’s General about SQ’s violation of my due process. I wrote to Barbara Lee and Wilma Chan about my plight. Hopefully they’ll respond. I wrote to FW and sent him all the updates and asked him to write a support letter for me. I wrote to E and asked her to write for me. I wrote to the lawyer and asked him advice on my parole situation.

I received Mr. W’s letter advising me to postpone the parole hearing. We’ll see. He didn’t address the 9th circuit issue. G set up an appointment to see Mike, but she didn’t make it. Rico got an order to show cause. That’s great news for us. I hope things will work out for all of us.

I got some US magazines. The day went by fast. I haven’t received my adjudication of 115. I sent out a 602 on N.