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What is a “Bird Bath?” When prisoners cannot take a shower and they want to clean up, they take a Bird Bath. Birth Bath is washing up using water from the sink inside the cell. Some people just use a wet towel, soak themselves and wipe their bodies dry. Others put some towels by the door to seal the water from leaking out to the tier, use a cup to hold water and really clean their bodies. That’s more work because they have to empty the floor where they put their property and clean up all the water after the Bird Bath. It’s another way to clean the cell.

“I got busy and wrote 6 letters. It took up a few hours since I’m printing. Plus, I have to think about what I write. I’ll write more tomorrow. The day went by very fast. I couldn’t sleep after breakfast cause of all the yelling. I did some exercise and yoga, then took a bird bath. It felt good. I need more room to move around. Mike hollered a couple times passing by. I hope Rico’s doing well. My back is hurting me from sitting on the books to write. I sent the 602 out. Hopefully it will help. I need to start writing creatively. I need that writer’s book.”

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